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Our childhood dreams, a reality! who would have every imagined that drones would every be so available. Join the conversation here.

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Electric cars are here, and this time, they are hear to stay. With Tesla leading the way, competitors are sure to follow. Visit our community.

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Our community is comprised of industry professionals, enthusiast, and real DIY mavericks. Join our live community today. 

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Wearables are getting more exciting my the minute. We'll help you keep up with the newest trends in the world of wearables. 

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Electric Motorcycles continue to re-shape the industry. These bikes are setting new benchmarks every day in overall performance. 

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The electric vehicle is here to stay and it brings with it self-driving cars and commuter cars. We certainly have much to look forward to. 

“I've actually made a prediction, that within 30 years, the majority of cars made in the United States will be electric. And I don't mean hybrid, I mean fully electric. ”    - Elon Musk