New York Authorities Test Electric Car Charging Manhole Covers

New York authorities test electric car charging manhole covers
New York authorities test electric car charging manhole covers

The name HEVO is one you could hear a lot more over the next few years after the company released an intelligent manhole cover which is capable of recharging an electric vehicle, wirelessly, while parked above it. This is a major development in the world of electric vehicles because there are still issues with the location of electric car charging stations despite the fact there are now tens of thousands around the world.

So what can you expect from this new intelligent manhole cover and could it be the answer to the long-term issue of electric car recharging stations?

HEVO’s electric car charging manhole

These devices will be disguised as traditional manhole covers and to all intents and purposes, you will never know that they are there. The technology is wireless and allows the manhole cover to recognise the charging coil of an electric car above it and using electron magnetic resonance it is able to transfer electricity to recharge the batteries. The pilot scheme planned for next year will cover New York City’s Washington Park Square and if successful is likely to be rolled out around the world.

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Indeed this new technology would likely go down very well in the UK, a country which is growing its reputation in the electric car sector. Is this what the industry needs?

Future developments

While HEVO is very confident that the manhole charging device will prove extremely popular it is worth noting that despite an improvement on traditional charging technology, it may well still take up to 8 hours to fully charge a vehicles batteries. This is no problem in for example longstay car parks or other such venues but if you are literally nipping to the shops that might not be as effective as you would hope. However, help may be at hand!

If, as many believe, the technology proves successful when rolled out across New York City there are high hopes that these manhole cover chargers could be introduced on main roads. The idea would be that by placing many manhole chargers they would literally "top up" the batteries of passing electric cars to keep them going. This technology has not yet been tested as a "top up" system but there is no doubt that current indications seem to show this is very viable.

What next for the electric car charging sector?

The use of traditional electric car charging technology, innovative manhole cover chargers, as well as the introduction of an array of mobile phone apps to keep track of your nearest electric car charging point, all make a major difference in the electric car industry. These innovations are not only grabbing the headlines and giving the industry much-needed publicity but they are also making many people think twice when they replace their existing vehicles. Is it time to go electric?

Slowly but surely the industry has been developing and coming together over the last 12 months and despite a number of hiccups along the way progress has been extremely encouraging to date. There are still some issues which need to be ironed out, such as the standard time taken to recharge electric vehicles, but new technology is making a big difference.