Tesla to expand supercharger network

Images provided by Tesla Motors.  Tesla to expand supercharger network Tesla Motors, and its larger-than-life co-founder Elon Musk, have certainly been busy this week with a couple of very important announcements. As we covered recently, the company plans to have an affordable electric vehicle by 2017 but that is not all the company announced this week. So what else?

Elon Musk has been waxing lyrical about the company's supercharger EV charging station network which was built as part of the company's after sales services for the Tesla Model S Sedan. This is a network which will allow you to charge your Tesla in just 30 minutes with a journey capacity of 150 miles. When you bear in mind that other electric vehicles could take up to more than five times that to charge up to a similar battery capacity, this in itself was a major step forward. So what next?

Tripling the current network

Tesla is looking to triple the current network of supercharger stations over the next couple of years with indications that the figure could be as high as 100 stations by 2015. When you bear in mind that each individual station gives the owner around 150 miles of capacity on a full charge this should make a major difference to the attractions of the Tesla Model S Sedan, as if the company needed any more help!

However, this is not all that Tesla has promised with new technology to be installed which should trim the time taken to fully charge the battery of a Tesla Model S sedan from 30 minutes down to 20 minutes. In many ways Tesla is making fools of competitors who seem, at this moment in time anyways, to have no response to the move.

Quote from ElectricForum.com : "Last week I setup an appointment for a test drive with the new Model S. I've seen the car, sat in it, and messed around with the display previously in the show room, and have been waiting for them to get a test drive vehicle locally so I can give it a spin."

Why is Tesla so far ahead?

Whether you look at journey capacity, battery capacity, aerodynamics or electric vehicle technology in its own right, it seems that Tesla Motors is streets ahead of any of its competitors. This is a company which was founded fairly recently but this is a company which has gone from strength to strength and attracted some of the best business minds in the world.

There is no doubt that the backing of highly successful entrepreneurs has created an environment in which ideas continue to flow, investment continues to be well spent and returns are now starting to come through. Indeed it was only recently that the company moved into quarterly profitability and while this may just be a short-term situation, while investment continues to ramp up, it is certainly a point worth mentioning.

You have to wonder where the electric vehicle market would be without the likes of Tesla and its very public face in the shape of Elon Musk.


Tesla has this week single-handedly rescued the electric vehicle market which was on the verge of knockout with the collapse of Better Place and the ongoing demise of Fisker. The announcement of an affordable electric vehicle by 2017 and an extension of the company's supercharger charging network, with improved technology, have caught the headlines for all of the right reasons.

As we mentioned above, you have to wonder where the electric vehicle market would be without the input of Tesla?