BMW EV Owners Offered Solar Power Benefits

BMW EV owners offered solar power benefits
BMW EV owners offered solar power benefits

In a move which perfectly reflects the ever commercial nature of the electric vehicle industry, BMW has today announced a partnership with SolarCity which will see BMW electric vehicle owners receiving a 10% discount on current SolarCity packages. This comes at a time when BMW is making a major push for the electric vehicle sector with the release of the BMW i to the marketplace. So, is this just a publicity stunt or are there real benefits for BMW electric vehicle owners and SolarCity power packages?

The package will see BMW i owners receiving a 10% discount on the SolarCity solar leasing plan. This plan is already seen by many as the best in the industry and a further 10% discount will only make it more attractive.

SolarCity power package

There is no doubt that SolarCity is one of the more innovative players in the solar power industry and seen by many as the leader. The plan on which BMW electric vehicle holders will receive a discount sees no upfront payments, the elimination of monthly electricity bills, and a payment to SolarCity which is but a fraction of customers previous electricity bills. There are benefits for all parties with customers receiving a discount causing BMW attracting more buyers and this will certainly push SolarCity into a new league of its own.

Quote from : "BMW has not been a major voice in the EV market over the last few years but things seem to be changing. The company is about to bring out the BMW i3 and has been very vocal of late, even suggesting that journey capacity for the industry as a whole will double over the next 5 years. Is BMW about to become a major player in the EV sector?"

When you put together the best solar power system in the U.S. with the electric vehicle industry, seen as the purest form of transport, we have a potential match made in heaven. This is not the first time that BMW has looked towards the solar power industry as a means of complementing its electric vehicle portfolio and no doubt other electric vehicle manufacturers will follow suit in due course.

Recharging via solar power

While even the most enthusiastic of individuals will readily admit that solar power has improved dramatically in recent times, but is still nowhere near full efficiency and full capacity. There are some who believe we are still some way off the commercial mobile the solar powered electric vehicle charging system but this is certainly a move in the right direction and will likely create more interest, increase income, and put these two sectors in the headlines again.

There are obvious restrictions on when and where solar power systems can be used but if they can be maximised in suitable areas there could be significant benefits to be had. This is also something which is likely to grab the attention of governments around the world who are under growing pressure to reduce their carbon emissions and encourage more efficient transport systems and power generation.


BMW has a track record of being very innovative and very focused with regards to the commercialisation of its technology and its various vehicle portfolios. The tie with SolarCity should come as no surprise to those in the industry because there have been rumours of the developments in solar power electric vehicle charging systems in recent times. It will be interesting to see the next step in this particular relationship because all parties, BMW, SolarCity and consumers, stand to gain.