The E-Car Club

The E-Car Club
The E-Car Club

Over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road and associations such as the E-Car Club have certainly made the most of this. The association has made great strides in bringing the electric car to the masses and offering an hourly car rental service taking in some of the latest electric vehicles on the market today. One of the major problems with electric vehicles today is the fact that motorists are concerned, they have worries, and while many of these concerns and worries are unfounded, it is not helping the industry. So what can you expect from the E-Car Club?

Business and private use

The E-Car Club very quickly realised that while there is significant demand for electric vehicles in the business arena, there is also growing demand from private individuals. As a consequence you can either arrange a business service agreement using a business account or pay-as-you-go option and if there is currently no E-Car Club hub in your neighbourhood then the company will create one.

It is simply just a case of turning up at the arranged time to pick up your vehicle, swipe your card on the windscreen, take out the recharging nozzle and basically you are good to go. The ongoing increase in environmental concerns is feeding the need and demand for electric vehicles and what better way to put your toe into the water than using the services of associations such as E-Car Club - which effectively offer you a try before you buy opportunity.

Rates for E-Car Club

The rates associated with the E-Car Club are very reasonable with a £50 membership fee and the option of paying £15 a month for regular users, to access discounted hourly rates, or a pay-as-you-go service for casual members. Rates vary across the different electric vehicles available, starting from as little as £35 a day or £4.50 per hour.

It is also easy to forget sometimes that the running costs of electric vehicles are but a fraction of that associated with their gasoline/petrol counterparts and this is also something you need to take into consideration. There is even talk that the UK government, and indeed other governments around the world, will relax parking restrictions for those driving electric vehicles and possible toll incentives have also been discussed.

Benefits of the E-Car Club service

In many ways it is difficult to know where to start with regards to potential benefits of the E-Car Club service, which include lower costs (potential savings of £2000 a year), lower emissions, convenient pickup and drop-off, hassle free driving and perhaps above all, enormous flexibility in when and where you use your electric vehicle. The E-Car Club community continues to grow and the company is attracting the attention of significant investors.


Only a few years ago, associations such as the E-Car Club would have been dismissed as "niche market" players but over the last couple of years we have seen a significant improvement in demand for electric vehicles. As one of the major concerns many motorists have about electric vehicles is their reliability, what better way to test this out than take an E-Car for a drive?

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