The Methacton Electric Car Club

The Methacton Electric Car Club
The Methacton Electric Car Club

While there is no doubt that electric vehicles are far more popular today than they ever have been, it is still proving to be fairly difficult to push this environmentally friendly mode of transport into the mass market. However, thankfully we have seen the creation of a number of electric car clubs over the last couple of years, allowing enthusiasts to get-together and push the idea and the principles behind electric car travel and alternative fuels. This is the reason why the The Methacton Electric Car Club was created by a number of students at Methacton high school in Eagleville Pennsylvania. This group of enthusiastic and passionate students attend a number of competitions, fairs, and exhibitions in the Philadelphia area to promote alternative travel.

Race successes

While the main reason for the creation of the The Methacton Electric Car Club was to further the benefits and environmental issues connected with electric vehicles, there is no doubt that the team has been very successful in a variety of competitions. To date, the team have registered seven first places, one second place, and two third places in a variety of events across Washington, Philadelphia and Saratoga.

This is the kind of success which obviously attracts the attention of the local and wider media, offering the group the chance to further spread the word about electric vehicles and alternative modes of transport.

The tech team

The tech team is made up of Neel Mehta, David Ta, Jeffrey Li, Kevin Liu, Vinay Parakala, Theo Fleck and Danyall Saeed, although the wider club in general has a much larger membership base. They have worked tirelessly to create their own electric car with a maximum speed of 75 mph and a journey capacity of around 70 miles. The vehicle and the technology have been tweaked over the years and even the box truck which is used to transport the electric car to various venues and competitions has been converted to run on vegetable oil.

It is easy to forget there are various rumours and counter rumours regarding electric vehicles, which are not always correct. The industry may well have failed in years gone by but a younger generation is now taking up the batting with regards to environmentally friendly travel and alternative fuels which certainly bodes well for the future.

Sponsorship funding

Like so many private club arrangements, The Methacton Electric Car Club is dependent to a certain extent upon sponsorship and private donations. Thankfully, so far they have been able to fund their campaign and as interest in this particular area continues to grow there should be more opportunities for further sponsorship arrangements.


It is interesting to see a very focused and motivated group of students taking up the baton for electric vehicles, alternative travel and environmentally friendly technology. The fact that they are committed to attending various shows and competitions around the country is a major plus point which has certainly helped to promote the use of alternative travel at a time when many people are worried about the cost of gasoline, the environment and the general cost of living.

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The Methacton Electric Car Club
The Methacton Electric Car Club