Electric Car Clubs Join Electricforum.com

Electric Car Clubs Join Electricforum.com
Electric Car Clubs Join Electricforum.com

As the electric vehicle phenomenon continues to gather pace in all areas of the world, here at electricform.com we have introduced a new incentive for electric car clubs. So whether you are a group of EV enthusiast, perhaps you share electric vehicles to work, or you have a genuine interest in electric car clubs, you will find our new service of great assistance.

One of the main problems at the moment is bringing together the worldwide groups of electric vehicle enthusiasts into popular, vibrant and active areas such as the electricforum.com. We have experts in an array of fields including neighbourhood electric vehicles, electric vehicle conversions and the electric vehicle industry in general.

What can electricforum.com offer electric car clubs?

The main reason why we are offering branded sub-forms in our electric car club section is to allow electric vehicle enthusiasts to mix with each other, to pose questions and offer answers. While the Internet has brought together an array of different communication options such as e-mail, Skype, etc, it is still good old-fashioned forums which lead the way. The fact that these sub-forms are branded in the name of the electric car clubs in question, and these clubs themselves have full moderating rights in their own forums, is proving to be a big attraction.

Quote from ElectricForum.com: "Electric Forum are happy to announce our new initiative to help Car Club owners reach out to the Electric Vehicle community. If you own a Car Club or know someone who does, then we're offering you a chance to have your own Sub-Forum right here within our growing community!"

What do we ask in exchange?

All we ask in exchange is that electric car clubs who participate in our branded forum service add an electricforum.com badge to their website. We believe that in time, this will become a badge of authority in the electric car club section and encourage more online participants to join your growing forum.

There is no cost to this service and we will not introduce new charges in the future because to us the main value in this initiative is to bring together even more electric vehicle enthusiast. Our community continues to grow and we already know that electric vehicle enthusiasts talking amongst themselves bring out an array of new ideas and thoughts. This is an industry which is still in its relative infancy despite the fact it has promised so much in the past yet failed to deliver.

Why is the electric vehicle industry different today?

Historical attempts by the electric vehicle industry to break into the mass market have been hampered by governments around the world, oil companies, and a genuine lack of appetite from the driving public. The situation seems to have changed in recent times with car companies now investing billions of dollars into the industry, governments offering significant incentives to the general public and perhaps more importantly, a major development in electric vehicle technology.

Electric vehicles today are very different to those of 10 years ago and even just a couple of years ago with ultralight materials, massively extended journey capacity and ground breaking technology. It will take time, the industry is not quite ready to take on the mass market but as more people show an interest in electric vehicles it is obvious the industry is here to stay.

Sierra Club's Go Electric Campaign

Sierra Club's Go Electric Campaign
Sierra Club's Go Electric Campaign

Those who already have a keen interest in the environment and alternative fuel supplies may well have come across the Sierra Club, which was founded back in 1892. This is an association which is dedicated to protecting the environment, reducing the U.S.’s dependence upon oil and coal, as well as looking at an array of alternative modes of transport. This is the reason why the Sierra Club's Go Electric Campaign was recently launched in a bid to educate the wider U.S. public on the more positive aspects of electric vehicles.

Goals of the Sierra Club's Go Electric Campaign

Over the years, we have seen a number of negative comments and negative campaigns with regards to electric vehicles, even though in the eyes of the Sierra Club this is a new technology which is here to stay. The group is focusing upon the ever-growing U.S. expenditure on oil, which accounts for $500 million in imports per year. It is not only the financial side of the country's dependence upon oil but also the fact that it is highly damaging to the environment and holding back the expansion of technologies such as electric vehicles.

The main goal is simply to encourage the takeup of electric vehicles as soon as possble!

Planning for the future

While many campaign groups and electric car clubs have one or other goal in mind the fact that the Sierra Club is both realistic from a financial point of view, an eco-friendly stand point and a new technology point of view is refreshing. As a consequence, the club website offers an array of interesting information with regards to environmental protection and the damage we are doing with fuels such as oil.

Were you aware that current U.S. consumption of gasoline is around 121,000,000,000 gallons a year? Were you aware that American cars and trucks expel around 3,000,000,000,000 tonnes of carbon pollution into the air per annum? Did you know that the U.S. government also sends more than $1 billion a day overseas to acquire oil resources for the future?

The website is a fountain of knowledge with regards to both the financial and environmental impact which fossil fuels have in various areas of our life. There is even a very interesting and very informative review on how electric vehicles, and other environmentally friendly modes of transport, can and do have an impact upon not only the environment but also the jobs market.

John Muir the founding father of the Sierra Club

The John Muir is the founding father of the Sierra Club, which has its roots back in the year 1892. He is one of America's best-known naturalists and conservationists and while he was born in 1838 and died in 1914, there is no doubt that his vision still lives on in members of the group. The movement has grown enormously in recent years and while heavily involved in spreading the word about electric vehicles, and other environmentally friendly technologies, it is also very active in the political arena.

This is perhaps one of the better websites we have seen with regards to a variety of issues associated with electric vehicles, the environment, the economy, and the way in which many countries are dependent upon overseas supplies of oil for example. We strongly recommend checking out the website which you will find to be very informative and very helpful.

Contact email: information@sierraclub.org

The Methacton Electric Car Club

The Methacton Electric Car Club
The Methacton Electric Car Club

While there is no doubt that electric vehicles are far more popular today than they ever have been, it is still proving to be fairly difficult to push this environmentally friendly mode of transport into the mass market. However, thankfully we have seen the creation of a number of electric car clubs over the last couple of years, allowing enthusiasts to get-together and push the idea and the principles behind electric car travel and alternative fuels. This is the reason why the The Methacton Electric Car Club was created by a number of students at Methacton high school in Eagleville Pennsylvania. This group of enthusiastic and passionate students attend a number of competitions, fairs, and exhibitions in the Philadelphia area to promote alternative travel.

Race successes

While the main reason for the creation of the The Methacton Electric Car Club was to further the benefits and environmental issues connected with electric vehicles, there is no doubt that the team has been very successful in a variety of competitions. To date, the team have registered seven first places, one second place, and two third places in a variety of events across Washington, Philadelphia and Saratoga.

This is the kind of success which obviously attracts the attention of the local and wider media, offering the group the chance to further spread the word about electric vehicles and alternative modes of transport.

The tech team

The tech team is made up of Neel Mehta, David Ta, Jeffrey Li, Kevin Liu, Vinay Parakala, Theo Fleck and Danyall Saeed, although the wider club in general has a much larger membership base. They have worked tirelessly to create their own electric car with a maximum speed of 75 mph and a journey capacity of around 70 miles. The vehicle and the technology have been tweaked over the years and even the box truck which is used to transport the electric car to various venues and competitions has been converted to run on vegetable oil.

It is easy to forget there are various rumours and counter rumours regarding electric vehicles, which are not always correct. The industry may well have failed in years gone by but a younger generation is now taking up the batting with regards to environmentally friendly travel and alternative fuels which certainly bodes well for the future.

Sponsorship funding

Like so many private club arrangements, The Methacton Electric Car Club is dependent to a certain extent upon sponsorship and private donations. Thankfully, so far they have been able to fund their campaign and as interest in this particular area continues to grow there should be more opportunities for further sponsorship arrangements.


It is interesting to see a very focused and motivated group of students taking up the baton for electric vehicles, alternative travel and environmentally friendly technology. The fact that they are committed to attending various shows and competitions around the country is a major plus point which has certainly helped to promote the use of alternative travel at a time when many people are worried about the cost of gasoline, the environment and the general cost of living.

Contact email: electriccar@methacton.org

The Methacton Electric Car Club
The Methacton Electric Car Club

The E-Car Club

The E-Car Club
The E-Car Club

Over the last few years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road and associations such as the E-Car Club have certainly made the most of this. The association has made great strides in bringing the electric car to the masses and offering an hourly car rental service taking in some of the latest electric vehicles on the market today. One of the major problems with electric vehicles today is the fact that motorists are concerned, they have worries, and while many of these concerns and worries are unfounded, it is not helping the industry. So what can you expect from the E-Car Club?

Business and private use

The E-Car Club very quickly realised that while there is significant demand for electric vehicles in the business arena, there is also growing demand from private individuals. As a consequence you can either arrange a business service agreement using a business account or pay-as-you-go option and if there is currently no E-Car Club hub in your neighbourhood then the company will create one.

It is simply just a case of turning up at the arranged time to pick up your vehicle, swipe your card on the windscreen, take out the recharging nozzle and basically you are good to go. The ongoing increase in environmental concerns is feeding the need and demand for electric vehicles and what better way to put your toe into the water than using the services of associations such as E-Car Club - which effectively offer you a try before you buy opportunity.

Rates for E-Car Club

The rates associated with the E-Car Club are very reasonable with a £50 membership fee and the option of paying £15 a month for regular users, to access discounted hourly rates, or a pay-as-you-go service for casual members. Rates vary across the different electric vehicles available, starting from as little as £35 a day or £4.50 per hour.

It is also easy to forget sometimes that the running costs of electric vehicles are but a fraction of that associated with their gasoline/petrol counterparts and this is also something you need to take into consideration. There is even talk that the UK government, and indeed other governments around the world, will relax parking restrictions for those driving electric vehicles and possible toll incentives have also been discussed.

Benefits of the E-Car Club service

In many ways it is difficult to know where to start with regards to potential benefits of the E-Car Club service, which include lower costs (potential savings of £2000 a year), lower emissions, convenient pickup and drop-off, hassle free driving and perhaps above all, enormous flexibility in when and where you use your electric vehicle. The E-Car Club community continues to grow and the company is attracting the attention of significant investors.


Only a few years ago, associations such as the E-Car Club would have been dismissed as "niche market" players but over the last couple of years we have seen a significant improvement in demand for electric vehicles. As one of the major concerns many motorists have about electric vehicles is their reliability, what better way to test this out than take an E-Car for a drive?

Contact Details:-

E-Car HQ 14 Marshalsea Road London SE1 1HL

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3603 2259 Email: info@e-carclub.org