Ford Focus Electric to Be Revealed Next Week

Ford Focus Electric to be revealed next week
Ford Focus Electric to be revealed next week

Ford has already confirmed plans for a new 2015 Focus Sedan, although the introduction of a Ford Focus Electric car in New York next week did take some experts by surprise. While the company has been relatively successful with regards to its alternative power supply vehicles, the introduction of the Focus Electric seems to be low key to say the least.

The press release which accompanied next week's launch did much to wax lyrical about the Ford Sedan but there was very little in the way of mention about the Ford Focus Electric. This has prompted speculation as to whether Ford has an "ace up its sleeve" or indeed whether it is playing down the electric car launch because it may well be a token gesture on the company's behalf?

EV launches coming thick and fast

As the electric car market continues to grow, government subsidies continue to rise, and demand improves, we can fully expect an array of new electric vehicle launches in the coming months and years. We already have the basis for an interesting 2014 and 2015 that is now beginning to take shape, with the latest entry being the Ford Focus Electric. Whether the Ford Focus Electric will live up to the high expectations of the electric vehicle community remains to be seen - it is rather bizarre to find that Ford is underplaying this launch?

Quote from "Is this the car which opens the door to a revival at Ford?"

It is also worth noting that improving technology and extended journey capacity, as well as ongoing price reductions, are also playing their role in the future shape of the industry. While it would be foolish to suggest that EV sector is on the verge of mass production, there is no doubt that we have seen a reduction in component prices and the cost of technology.

Keeping the momentum going

Each and every launch of a new electric vehicle grabs the headlines, extends the reach of the industry and certainly keeps the sector in with governments around the world. Whether, as some suspect, the launch of the Ford Focus Electric is but a token gesture from the company is perhaps neither here nor there because it keeps the sector in the headlines.

Investment in the electric vehicle sector, and indeed the hybrid subsector, continues to grow and is starting to yield dividends as investors are now showing more interest. What was once seen as a niche market, something which would never make money, has certainly changed for the better in recent times. We have seen the likes of BMW entering the marketplace, with a very slick and a very eye-catching electric model, and the old star of the sector Tesla Motors could well have a trick or two up its sleeve!


It will be interesting see how the Ford Focus Electric is received next week in New York and indeed the company may well cast further light upon the seemingly underplayed launch of this vehicle. It may well be that the look and feel of the Ford Focus Electric will be very similar to the 2015 Ford Focus Sedan (which is being launched at the same time) and therefore the company sees no reason to repeat the same information ahead of the launch?

We will soon see……

Ford Announces Plans for Solar Powered Electric Vehicle

Ford announces plans for solar powered electric vehicle
Ford announces plans for solar powered electric vehicle

While it may only be a concept vehicle at this moment in time, the Ford C-Max Solar Engeri will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas between 7 January and 10 January 2014. This is not the first time that solar power has been interlinked with the electric vehicle market but so far no solar powered vehicle has actually made it to the market. It is hoped that the new Ford solar powered electric vehicle could prove to be one of the turning points for the industry, although opinion is divided as to whether it will actually go into full production.

The vehicle itself is fitted with an array of solar panels on the roof and also comes with its own parking canopy which helps to cultivate the sun's rays, redirecting them towards inbuilt solar panels. The vehicle itself is designed to be recharged in a "large parking area" because due to the unique navigation concept within the vehicle, it will actually slowly move itself around a parking spot to maximise solar power cultivation.

Readily available technology

Interestingly, despite the way in which Ford has brought together the roof solar panels and the parking canopy, this is not new technology. The solar panels are available separately with the parking canopy also available as a stand-alone system, but bringing them together does offer a number of potential opportunities going forward.

Quote from : "While Ford may have been a little slow off the mark with regards to electric vehicles, there are many Ford electric vehicles available today which include the award-winning Ford focus electric car not to mention an array of Ford electric vans. Have any Ford electric cars or vans caught your eye? What kind of experience have you had with a Ford electric vehicle?"

It is also believed that 39% of customers who acquire electric vehicles will either already, or at some point in the future, have rooftop solar panels available at home. The idea would be to incorporate these existing solar panel systems with the vehicle itself to maximise cultivation. Even though this is a very interesting development it is worth noting that so far Ford has not actually priced the cost of building such a vehicle and whether indeed it will ever make it to market.

What is the point of concept vehicles?

While the vast majority of concept vehicles will never make it to market, by introducing various concepts along the way we can trigger other thoughts and other technological advances. The idea of putting together solar panels, electric vehicles and a parking canopy is not new but seeing a vehicle which incorporates all of these is not only good for the industry but also gives potential customers of the future food for thought.

It is also encouraging to see the likes of Ford looking towards the concept arena which is very expensive and ultimately less rewarding than you might expect. The introduction of the new Ford solar powered vehicle at the forthcoming show in Las Vegas will certainly catch industry headlines and put the electric vehicle market back in the spotlight.


Slowly, but surely, we are seeing the emergence of new ideas and new technology in the electric vehicle market. The likes of Ford is now joining a growing band of car manufacturers who are willing and able to finance potentially expensive concept vehicles as a means of pushing the industry forward and grabbing the attention of would-be customers of the future. There is no doubt that solar power will play a major role in electric vehicles going forward but whether this is in five years, 10 years, 20 years or longer remains to be seen.

How Would You Fancy a Ford Mustang EV?

How would you fancy a Ford Mustang EV?
How would you fancy a Ford Mustang EV?

While many of the well-known Ford Mustang enthusiasts of years gone by would turn in their grave if they thought Ford was looking at an EV Mustang, it seems that the company is looking to the future. At a time when eco-friendly travel is not only attracting major interest from governments around the world but also motorists around the world, Ford is now looking at possibly introducing a Mustang EV in the not too distant future.

While there are no definitive plans at this moment in time some of the leading directors within Ford have been indicating the company will keep its options open. Historically, you will see that Ford has not been afraid to mix and match various brand names with an array of different fuel types, so you could argue that a Mustang EV would be the next natural step?

Ford grasping the EV Nettle

Only a few months ago there was major concern that Ford was discounting hybrid and EV vehicles in favour of traditional gasoline/diesel vehicles. The company seemed unwilling, or indeed financially unable, to commit to an array of eco-friendly EV and hybrid vehicles. However, the situation has changed over the last few months with the company now ploughing head-on into the EV market and determined to become one of the leading manufacturers in the short to medium term.

Quote from : "While Ford may have been a little slow off the mark with regards to electric vehicles, there are many Ford electric vehicles available today which include the award-winning Ford focus electric car not to mention an array of Ford electric vans."

While the last few years have not been good to Ford, with the company's finances under severe pressure, this bout of belt tightening seems to have focused the company towards the future and new types of vehicle. Whether the company’s boast that it will be one of the leading EV manufacturers in the medium term turns out to be true remains to be seen but the company seems willing to invest significant funds.

Would enthusiasts buy a Mustang EV?

One of the big questions of the moment is whether there is indeed demand for a Mustang EV, especially when you bear in mind that this particular type of vehicle is renowned for its distinctive sound. Would you get the same kick out of a near silent Mustang EV as you would from one of the gasoline powered cars of years gone by?

Whether indeed Ford is serious about introducing a Mustang EV in the short to medium term remains to be seen but the announcement that it is even thinking of such a move has certainly caught the eye of car enthusiasts around the world.


While it would be a very brave move for Ford to introduce a Mustang EV, especially when you bear in mind the cars historic reputation, the announcement that it is even considering such a move has caught the attention of many Mustang enthusiast. Whether indeed we see such a vehicle on the roads remains to be seen because for many people the whole point of a Mustang is to hear the roar and the natural power of the vehicle - not something which could be easily replaced by a silent, although no doubt powerful, EV equivalent.