Chinese EV "Nio" Wants to revolutionize the future

NIO EVE Electric Car

Chinese EV new-start Nio wants to revolutionize the electric vehicle of the future

There is no doubt that competition is beginning to build in the worldwide electric vehicle market and Chinese new-start Nio is looking to change the way we think of EVs. As the company says, it wants to "redesign the EV from the inside out" and forever change the way we drive today. These are obviously ambitious words from a company which is relatively unknown but time will tell as to whether the company can deliver on its aspirations.

The fully autonomous level four electric vehicle will most likely come in the shape of the Nio Eve with expectations that stereotypical driving seats would be replaced by more comfortable surroundings. This is certainly a novel way of looking at the electric vehicle market of the future but, when you think about it, the components of an electric vehicle are very different to an internal combustion engine powered car so why should the interior not move with the times?

Comfortable travelling

If you take a step back & look at the situation from a distance, what is there to stop a total overhaul of the interior of an electric vehicle, especially an autonomous one? Is there any real reason why the seats need to be stacked in lines? Can the interior of an EV not more replicate an office or home?

There will need to be a traditional driving area for those who want to switch between autonomous and non-autonomous modes. It may prove challenging to change the mindset of drivers in the future as we all listen back to the days of the early internal combustion engine vehicles and their stereotypical seating structure. In many ways it's been a challenge for the electric vehicle market from day one, changing the mindset of motorists and encouraging them to at least consider electric vehicle travel in its many different forms.

Times are indeed changing

It will be exciting to see if Chinese EV start-up Nio can challenge the likes of Tesla in the longer term. What we do know about Chinese electric vehicle companies is that they very often receive backing from the state regarding funding and commercial assistance. When you consider the potential size of the Chinese EV market this is the perfect environment in which to test new technology and receive feedback from motorists. The Chinese authorities have already declared that electric vehicles "are the future" therefore it is inevitable we will see some Chinese EV companies emerging on the worldwide stage.

There are many opportunities for up-and-coming electric vehicle companies to challenge the stereotypical views of traditional motorists. Why should the interior of an EV mimic that of a traditional internal combustion engine powered vehicle? Perhaps this is the best opportunity to educate the motorists of today about the technologies of tomorrow?