ABB Wins Electric Charging Network Contract

ABB wins electric charging network contract
ABB wins electric charging network contract

Swiss giant ABB has been declared the winner for a large electric charging network contract put out to tender by Dutch outfit Fastned. The agreement is to install 200 electric car fast charging points in Holland, which should be capable of recharging electric vehicles in 15 to 30 minutes. The first of these charging stations will be installed in September 2013 and the whole contract should be finished by 2015.

While the basics of this very contract are interesting themselves there are other factors which make it even more appealing and more eye-catching for electric vehicle enthusiast.

Solar power

Each of the fast charging stations to be installed by ABB will have its own solar canopy to make best use of solar power in the region. It is also estimated that there will be, eventually, a charging station every 50 km throughout Holland which is well within the journey capacity of even the less efficient electric vehicles of today. The introduction of solar power, although there is much work to be done on efficiency gains, will also reduce the burden on the power grid in Holland.

The jury is still out with regards to the efficiencies of solar power, although there is no doubt that technology is improving. If it continues to improve at the current rate then this together with further developments in battery technology could mean solar power becomes a significant element of the electric charging network industry going forward.

Supporting all major brands

Perhaps one of the main issues with regards to some of the more niche electric car charging stations is the fact that they do not accommodate all electric cars on the road today. The systems to be installed by ABB will be very flexible with a design that will accommodate all major electric vehicle manufacturers of today. This is something which was not thought feasible just a few months ago but is now very close to introduction to the marketplace.

Quote from : "The recent news flow from the EV industry suggests that more and more charging stations are appearing in the US and around the world. Have you seen any new charging stations in your area?"

The reality is that the more electric car charging stations available to the largest amount of vehicles, the more popular this mode of transport will become and investment will follow. It is now a matter of keeping the confidence going, building momentum, and ensuring that the ongoing news flow is as positive in the future as it has been for the last couple of months.

Worldwide charging stations

There are some great developments in the electric car charging industry across the U.S., the UK and Europe. The introduction of what is deemed to be the "world largest contract" for an electric car charging network in Holland has certainly caught the attention of the motoring public. This was, and in some ways continues to be, one of the major factors stopping more motorists from moving towards electric vehicles.

The electric car charging industry has received minimal attention over the last couple of years, even if the number of stations installed has been steadily growing. It is only over the last couple of months we have seen any real progress, at least in the eyes of the worldwide media, with regards to the installation of electric charging points. The more finance invested into electric car charging station networks the more this should encourage increased sales of electric vehicles and momentum should continue to build for the foreseeable future.

Is everything going too well for the electric car industry?