Advanced Axial Flux Designed for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

EVO Electric Ltd. is launching the new generation Axial Flux motor and generator technology that could lower the cost and enhance the performance and efficiency of hybrid and electric vehicle power trains. The applications can be used in units such as hybrids, plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles, range extenders, auxiliary power units (APU) and integrated starter-generator (ISG) systems.

According to EVO, the new generation Axial Flux products have the highest power density among electric motors currently available for automotive applications.

The latest design they claimed has a peak power density of 5kW per kg (2.5kg/kW nominal). This they say puts the EVO over the US Department of Energy’s power density targets for 2015 and 2020.

They added that the weight measurements include all motor/generator components such as the housing, shaft and resolver.

It has undergone extensive reliability, endurance, shock and vibration testing during road tests, confirming the great potential of the technology, according to the British company.

Furthermore, they added that, the machines cost less to produce than other permanent-magnet motor/generators, due to their higher power and torque densities (and hence lower material costs) and a simple yet robust machine design optimized for low-cost, high-volume manufacturing.

EVO is now collaborating with automotive industry partners to develop drive systems and other products for a range of vehicle platforms.

For example, EVO has supplied high-torque machines with peak outputs of 200kW/660Nm (100kW/240Nm nominal) and weighing in at only 40kg to a number of hybrid and electric vehicle developers. EVO is also developing larger models for commercial vehicle applications and an ultra-compact motor suitable for light-duty electric vehicle applications.

David Latimer, CEO of EVO Electric said that, “EVO’s Axial Flux technology is based on a new paradigm of machine design.” He said that they are, “Committed to bring the technology to market and by doing so to further accelerate the global trend toward power train hybridization and electrification and more generally to lower-carbon vehicles.”

EVO Electric Limited develops and manufactures advanced electric machines, drive systems and other integrated products for a wide range of transportation and mobile power applications.