Alternative Electric Modes of Transportation


The electric revolution is not just about four wheeled vehicles. A major portion of the world’s electric vehicles is also the two or three wheeled vehicles. The following are some of the newest ones available in the market today.

The EW-54 Electric Cargo Tricycle is one of the multifunctional electric vehicles in the market today. This three-wheeled electric vehicle can run up to speeds of seventeen mph and is able to carry 350 lbs. There is no balancing required as there is an extra large metal cargo basket on two wheels. This makes this vehicle ideal for grocery shopping, carrying pets and other equipment. This is also great way to run errands without needing a car or just within the neighborhood.

There is a pedal assist system that kicks in automatically as a bicycle or you can just use the twist throttle to go into electric mode. This three-wheeler also has a reverse system to allow you to park or work around obstacles. This vehicle is faster than walking and provides the individual fun rides while in the sun. It is also cost efficient, as it costs about a nickel per mile in electricity.

This electric vehicle utilizes four heavy-duty twelve-volt batteries to be able to travel twenty-five miles on a single full charge with light pedaling. The battery can be recharged about 500 times before efficiency is affected, which is about three years. Another plus factor for this vehicle is that is considered as a bicycle in most states, thus there is no need to have a license to operate.

Another electric vehicle that is ideal for neighborhood use is the XB-610 Electric Moped. This moped is an upgrade from the very popular XB-600 moped. The new version has an upgraded motor controller and an improved smart battery charger. The battery array was also improved in this new version.

The XB-610 is able to travel up to thirty-five miles on a single full charge, though this depends on terrain, average speed and rider weight. The new battery pack allows for easy replacement, making one able to further extend range with an extra set carried along. It has a top speed of twenty miles per hour with the electric motor located near the hub of the rear wheel. There is no chain to drive the wheel, making for a virtually noiseless operation over great distances. The motor is also brushless, lessening the need for maintenance.

The battery array consists of four large batteries producing 20 amperes per hour of charge. These have a life of nearly three years before charging issues hamper performance. The moped has heavy-duty front and rear shock and the only parts needing care and checking would be battery charge and tire pressure. Like an electric bicycle, this electric moped does not require a license to operate at a fraction of the minute fraction of the cost of operating a car, even an electric one.