Are Electric Cars Safe?

Are electric cars safe?
Are electric cars safe?

Since the reintroduction of electric vehicles into the motoring world, after a string of false dawns, a number of experts have been questioning whether electric vehicles are safe. This has prompted many of the motoring public to dig deeper into this particular subject amid concerns about the electric "fuel" required to power these vehicles and what may or may not happen in an accident.

The fact is that this is a very relevant argument and discussion with regards to electric vehicles and ultimately one which will allow the electric vehicle industry to put a few wrongs right. There have been many misconceptions, misunderstandings and downright lies associated with the electric car industry and the safety of the vehicles.!

Safety test

Before we even begin to look into the pros and cons of electric vehicles, the fact is that electric vehicles are today are tested to the same standard as your traditional gasoline vehicle. There are no reductions in safety testing, there are no reductions in driver safety and ultimately all of the new angles associated with electric vehicles are rigorously tested.

A number of people not exactly in favour of the electric vehicle market will highlight some of the more recent recalls by electric car manufacturers. They will suggest that this growing number of recalls confirms concerns about safety when in reality there are far more gasoline powered vehicle recalls every year. True, there are fewer electric vehicles on the road but those who seem to suggest that electric vehicles are more prone to recalls are quite simply wrong.

Emergency services

One of the first issues used as a battering ram against the electric car industry was the safety of the emergency services in the event of an accident. This is a subject that has been reviewed time and time again by governments, car manufacturers and independent organisations to ensure that there are electric power cut-off services available. The fact is that there is no evidence to suggest that any of the emergency services would be at risk in the event of a crash involving an electric vehicle and there have even been discussions about distinctive markers to highlight electric cars on the road.

Quote from : "There has been talk of legislation to ensure that electric car engines make some form of noise to alert pedestrians but is this a step too far? Or is this a perfectly legitimate safety solution?"

Pacemakers and other medical equipment

Such has been the rigorous testing of electric vehicles over the years that the subject of pacemakers, and any potential interference from electric vehicles, was effectively put to bed many years ago. The authorities have confirmed on numerous occasions that there is minimal interference from electric vehicles and this is nowhere near enough to impact the reliability and efficiency of pacemakers - in drivers or passengers.

Again, there is nothing wrong in discussing the subject of medical implements and potential interference from electric vehicles, but we need to see the cold hard facts. The cold hard facts available today confirm there is no undue risk.


Due partly to the historic failure of electric vehicles to make it into the mass market, there have been a number of rumours and counter rumours suggesting electric vehicles are perhaps not as safe as their gasoline counterparts. Aside from the fact that gasoline is flammable and poses a number of risks in its own right, electric cars of today have been tested vigorously by various authorities around the world and passed an array of safety checks.

If one by one the electric car industry is able to address such issues as safety, and various aspects discussed by the public, then in theory we should see an improvement in confidence. This improvement in confidence, together with other factors such as improved electric car efficiency and an increased number of recharging stations, should ultimately be reflected in electric car sales. Quite why the electric car industry is having such a difficult time "getting the message across" is a mystery which many people are perplexed about.