Are There any Electric Car Charging Points in Your Area?

Are there any electric car charging points in your area?
Are there any electric car charging points in your area?

There are literally hundreds of millions of people around the world who will have passed electric car charging point in their neighbourhood and never even knew they were there. Time and time again motorists are commenting on the Internet about the fact that electric car charging point in their vicinity are receiving very little if any promotion and advertising from local authorities. Why is this?

Hundreds of millions of pounds invested in car charging points

Day after day, we see a variety of new schemes around the world encouraging both businesses and individuals to install car charging points in their area. Time and time again we hear about local councils taking up the offer of a fleet of electric cars and installing an array of charging facilities across many public workplaces.

The sad fact is that despite the investment of millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money, for some reason there is a reluctance to advertise these new services on an ongoing basis. The word-of-mouth option to increase usage of electric vehicle charging point will work but this is very slow and will take some time to filter through. I myself have walked through various shopping facilities in my area and only by chance did I come across two electric car charging points, which many people thought were parking meters!

Quote from : "This may seem something of a strange question but the fact is that in my own neighbourhood I have walked past at least two electric car charging stations and until recently assumed they were parking meters. This is because the local authority has neglected to advertise or promote electric vehicles in my region and unless electric car enthusiasts are willing to dig deep for further information themselves, very often there is a void of information about this new mode of transport."

How should local authorities advertise electric car charging services?

The truth is that local authorities are very quick to use public money to contact you when you owe them money or there are potential issues with their services. Quite why they are not as willing to use public money to advertise services which would be of interest to many people, and possibly increase sales of electric cars, is a mystery.

These are the kind of issues which prompt conspiracy theories, these are the kind of instances which cast doubt on local government confidence in electric vehicles and will ultimately filter down to the electric car enthusiast.

The future of electric vehicles

The sad fact is that the electric car industry has made great advances over the last couple of years and indeed if and when electric car charging facilities make similar advances we should have an infrastructure in place for the future. If you take a step back, there is easy access to electric networks around the world and therefore the creation of sufficient electric car charging stations to support the industry should not be difficult – in theory.

It will be interesting to see how governments react over the coming years, indeed when the worldwide economy starts to recover, and finally they realise they have emission targets to hit – with many well behind their projected pace of improvement.


The fact that many of us will walk past electric car charging stations on a daily basis and very often not realise what they are says a lot for the way in which industry and governments around the world have neglected to promote this mode of transport. Despite the fact that billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money has been invested in the industry there seems to be a reluctance to rock the boat with the oil companies. This is something which will need to change in the short to medium term to give the electric car industry the chance it needs to flourish and improve so far disappointing sales.