Are you Tempted toBuy an Electric Vehicle?

Drayson Racing Technologies attempting to smash electric vehicle land speed record
Drayson Racing Technologies attempting to smash electric vehicle land speed record

While the move towards the mass market has been long and winding for the electric vehicle industry, there is no doubt that the industry is closer today than ever. It seems that local governments, corporate entities, and even the consumer are now coming together to create the perfect storm. So, are you tempted to buy your first electric vehicle today?

Range anxiety

One of the main issues which have held back the electric vehicle industry is range anxiety and the fact that electric vehicle battery technology has not necessarily kept up-to-date with the vehicle technology itself. This is unfortunate but we have seen major changes over the last few months and local authorities around the world are now looking to introduce local electric vehicle charging stations.

That is not to say that range anxiety is a thing of the past, because it will still be an issue for some time to come. However the more electric car charging stations available the more likely people are to switch towards this "green" technology and the industry should make great strides in the short to medium term.

Cost of an electric vehicle

In the early years the cost of an electric vehicle literally priced many traditional motorists out of the marketplace. We had the likes of Tesla making the most ground in the industry but their vehicles were not as affordable as many had hoped - although with new technology this was only to be expected. However, we now have the likes of Tesla looking to introduce an affordable mass-market vehicle over the next couple of years and many other companies looking to follow suit.

Quote from "Even though there is a long way to go before electric vehicles are accepted by all motorists, there is no doubt that the Kansas City Power and Light company is putting Kansas City on the map. The company announced very interesting and very ambitious plans to install 1001 electric vehicle charging stations across the area..."

The cost of electric vehicles has come down significantly over the last five years as technology improves, efficiencies come into play, and perhaps more importantly, consumers switch on to the idea of electric vehicle travel. As sales continue to grow, this will make it more efficient to mass produce certain elements of the modern day electric vehicle, thereby cutting costs yet further.

Has the stigma been removed?

In years gone by you could spot an electric vehicle from one million miles away as they stood out like a sore thumb. The technology was improving, demand was increasing but for some reason it took some time before the companies involved actually looked at the design of these vehicles. The truth is that the design today is now more reminiscent of a modern day petrol/diesel vehicle and they no longer stick out like a sore thumb. So, while it may be a surprise, the stigma attached to early day electric vehicles has certainly been removed and if anything this "green badge" is more positive than the modern day petrol/diesel vehicles.


There is no doubt that more and more people are now considering the purchase of an electric vehicle, although range anxiety is still an issue. Only when we have larger scale electric vehicle charging station networks will people feel more confident acquiring an electric vehicle tomorrow. We are nearly there and major progress has been made but we're not quite over the line into the mass market!