BMW i8 Concept Spider Electric Car


Even though BMW electric cars may not yet be attracting as much attention as the likes of Nissan electric cars or Tesla electric cars, there is no doubt that the company is making a major player for the revolutionary market. The introduction of the BMW i8 Concept Spider car has put the company in direct competition with the likes of Tesla Motors, a company which has so far had the electric sports car market to itself. So what exactly can you expect from the BMW i8 hybrid car?

Specifications of the BMW i8 Concept Spider electric car

Before we even get down to the nitty-gritty of the specifications of this particular vehicle, all you need to do is take a look at the picture to see exactly what you are buying. You're buying one of the latest and most technologically advanced electric sports cars of today with a look and feel of a traditional fuel car although the efficiency rating is incomparable. This is the type of car which will get you noticed, turn heads, and ultimately make you the centre of attention where ever you go.

The BMW i8 is in fact a hybrid vehicle which takes in the latest electric fuel technology and traditional fuel technology to give an experience you will never forget. It has the power of a sports car but the fuel consumption of a small family car and is able to do 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds. The aerodynamics of this vehicle have been perfected during hours of testing at the BMW test centre and the now more common low centre of gravity offers impressive efficiency savings.

BMW i8 Concept Spider news

There are number of reviews in the public domain which on the whole have been very favourably with regards to the efficiencies of the vehicle, the fact it incorporates the latest electric power lithium ion batteries, as well as the cutting-edge electronic control systems and control panel within the vehicle. Even though the BMW i8 Concept Spider is in the main a second variation of the award-winning BMW i8 concept there have been significant improvements made.

For those of you who like to be seen out in a top of the range sports car, you be pleased to know that the doors open upwards and you will be as visible inside the car as outside of the car. This variation is a little more compact than the standard BMW i8 concept, although this is certainly not detrimental to the driving experience and the efficiency of the vehicle. This car makes use of the high-tech eDrive system which also accommodates a battery recharging process which is infinitely quicker than the vast majority of those on the market today.

Images of the BMW i8 Concept Spider

As you'll see from the picture above, there are a whole host of very impressive images of the BMW i8 Concept Spider which very clearly show the various modules and elements of the vehicle. Carbon fibre reinforced plastic is now becoming the norm across the luxury car market and is well represented within the structure of the BMW i8 Concept Spider. The passenger cell, the powertrain, chassis, and safety structures are all individual modules that have been modified and improved by the BMW design team to bring together the ultimate in hybrid vehicle technology.

One thing which will become very evident from images of the BMW i8 Concept Spider is the fact that when the individual modules were interlocked they have been built to deliberately overlap giving a very distinctive look and image to the car.

Drive capacity of the BMW i8 Concept Spider

The car itself is powered by a 96 kW electric motor which is attached to the front axles working with a three cylinder petrol engine, offering 164 kW, through the rear wheels. Bringing these particular systems together offers significant acceleration together with a top speed of around 155 mph. The fuel efficiency comparison with traditional fuel cars is around 94 mpg, which is far out of the reach of the vast majority of cars available today. This sporty feel, immense acceleration, and high-speed experience should be considered against a backdrop efficiency which is comparable to a relatively small family car.

The weight distribution on the BMW i8 Concept Spider is perfect for maximum efficiency, maximum aerodynamics and allows the vehicle to get the most out of the lithium ion batteries. The journey capacity on electric alone is around 19 miles, although the range is extended significantly by using the hybrid option. The on-board computer also ensures that while four-wheel-drive is standard between the electric motor and the petrol motor, while tweaks in the internal computing system ensure that maximum efficiency always prevails.

BMW i8 Concept Spider control panel

As with many of the hybrid and electric vehicles available today there is a whole host of information available on the main control panel within the vehicle itself. It is also worth noting that BMW, along with many of the other hybrid and electric car companies, is also looking to incorporate the latest remote control technology which will effectively allow you to control your vehicle from in your home. This is something which is going down extremely well with drivers of today because the added control allows them to pre-empt cold weather or warm weather prior to entering the vehicle, as well as an array of other actions.


Whether BMW will eventually look towards producing an all electric BMW i8 concept car remains to be seen, but at this moment in time the BMW i8 Concept Spider hybrid certainly gives you the best of both worlds. You get the quality of the BMW brand name and the latest electric battery technology, as well as a driving experience which will compare favourably with any BMW you have stepped inside. That is before you even take a look at the image and the style of the car, which has certainly caught the attention of car enthusiasts around the world.

The space age look and the space age feel of the BMW i8 Concept Spider is very fitting when you bear in mind the fact that it incorporates the latest hybrid and electric power technology. There has been no reduction in speed or driving experience and indeed the journey capacity has been increased significantly. BMW has in many ways focused upon the fact this is a sports car of the future which has an efficiency rating and fuel efficiency comparable to a relatively small family car. What more can you ask for?