Bristol to Host Electric Vehicle Show in June

Bristol to host electric vehicle show in June
Bristol to host electric vehicle show in June

Despite the fact that the local council in Bristol have invested more than £1 million in electric car charging points, recently installing their 100th charging point, the take-up has not been as high as expected so far. On average, since the first charging points were installed in 2012, they have been used once a month which is obviously disappointing. However next month sees the launch of the Evolution Bristol Motor Show which will see a whole host of experts and electric vehicles in and around the city.

Publicity is vital

The Evolution Bristol Motor Show will offer consumers the opportunity to test drive electric vehicles and also ask for advice on reducing our own carbon footprint and travel costs. The whole event is dedicated to environmentally friendly vehicles in the shape of electric vehicles which includes hybrids. There are not many events where you get the opportunity to test drive the latest electric vehicle and also discuss in great detail how they work and what they have to offer.

Even though local authorities and the UK government have been fairly supportive of the electric vehicle industry it is only events such as the forthcoming Evolution Bristol Motor Show which offer practical support and help. Many people are interested in electric vehicles although they are perhaps unsure where to get the best advice and the best value for money.

Quote from "I really like the idea of buying a quick charger and saving a few hundred dollars to put towards other things to fix up my car. How hard is it to install rather than buying the one from ride for fun?"

Electric companies involved

The forthcoming event in Bristol is being staged in association with EDF Energy and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. Historically corporate entities and public bodies have not always worked as well together as people had hoped but there seems to be real change. The fact that the Bristol City Council and Source West are also involved in next month show should hopefully be a sign of things to come and of more focus on electric vehicles.

As we have mentioned on numerous occasions, there have been many false dawns in the electric vehicle industry but this time seems very different. Governments have invested significant amounts of money, corporate entities are now pushing the technology, and thankfully consumers see more switched on today than they ever have been. There are obvious concerns about potential emissions as the industry grows and further electricity is required. However even in a worst-case scenario the situation from an environmentally friendly point of view does not compare to traditional fuels.

Looking to the future!

Ten years ago events like this would not have attracted any media interest at all, indeed it is highly unlikely that corporate entities would have invested any time, effort or money. The fact that the local press has picked up on the forthcoming Evolution Bristol Motor Show is a very positive sign for the future and hopefully more consumers can be converted to environmentally friendly travel. The US will always be the leader in this particular area, both in terms of technology and usage, but the UK could play a major role within Europe.