ChargePoint Services Installs Eight Charging Stations at Euston and Victoria Station

ChargePoint Services installs eight charging stations at Euston and Victoria Station
ChargePoint Services installs eight charging stations at Euston and Victoria Station

When you consider that over 500,000 people venture through Euston and Victoria stations in London on a daily basis, could you get a more visible location for an electric car charging station? ChargePoints Services, one of a number of new up-and-coming electric car charging companies in the UK, has installed five sockets at Euston station and three at Victoria station. These use fast charging technology which will allow commuters to park up vehicles, travel to work by train and then pick up their fully charged car on the way home.

Interestingly, network rail has also joined the party offering a reduced parking season ticket price of £100 per month for those who drive electric vehicles. This is yet another incentive for motorists to even consider electric vehicles in the short to medium term and as they say, every little helps.

High visibility charging points

While there is no doubt that many people begin their journey to work by car, it is not only the fact that these eight electric car charging points will be very useful but also the fact that they will be highly visible to the general public. It is only as motorists become more at ease and more at home with electric vehicle travel that they will consider this as a mode of transport in the future - to see vital services on their doorstep must be encouraging.

Quote from : "The recent news flow from the EV industry suggests that more and more charging stations are appearing in the US and around the world. Have you seen any new charging stations in your area?"

One of the main problems, as we have touched on before, is the education of the general public and in particular the motoring public. There are still many misunderstandings and misconceptions out there with regards to the electric vehicle market, a market which has changed significantly over the last decade. Advising the general public and making them aware of the technology available today is not easy but it is perhaps the next major challenge facing the industry.

Joining up the transport network dots

While many people may initially query the decision to place eight electric car charging stations outside two London stations, if you dig a little deeper this is a very clever marketing ploy. The vast majority of commuters today will begin their journey to work by car although the vast majority will end this with some other mode of transport such as a train, bus, etc.

The ability to park your car at either Euston or Victoria station and make use of the electric car fast charging facilities could be a godsend. When you bear in mind that very few people do over 70 miles per day, including commuters, and the Nissan Leaf 2013 for example has a journey capacity of 129 miles per full charge, there would be no journey capacity issues.

Do incentives work?

The fact is that history shows consumers need to be incentivised to look at different options, different services and different products. For example, when you bought your first satellite TV package the chances are that you would have been offered some kind of incentive or reduced price for the first three months?

In the real-world money does talk and while ultimately it will be the service or the product which dictates its long-term success, consumers very often do need some kind of incentive, and more likely than not a financial incentive, to consider change. That after all is human nature!