Could Dyson Be the Next Tesla Motors?


British engineering firm Dyson is best known for its spoiling tactics and its world beating vacuum technology which has taken the industry by storm. While you may think that a move to electric vehicles is something of a rather large step, there have been rumours for some time now that the company is about to launch its own electric vehicle. This is not speculation any more, as the company has already acquired a battery technology company and promised to invest over £1 billion into battery technology. Dyson has also has received UK government funding. So, what's next?

New battery technology

It is believed that Dyson has access to new battery technology using solid-state batteries that significantly extend the current journey capacity of electric vehicles. This is a major step forward for the industry with the likes of Tesla and Nissan, to name two, investing significant amounts of money in battery technology. In conjunction with ongoing investment in electric car technology, we are now approaching a honeymoon period for the electric car industry, when all different types of technology should finally come together.

One issue which is often overlooked is the fact that only those who have yet to drive an electric vehicle have any real concerns about journey capacity. Those who have yet to sample this new form of transport seem to have predetermined ideas about what to expect, many of which are incorrect.

Is Dyson the new Tesla?

Sir James Dyson is not a man who takes his challenges lightly and when he decides to do something, more often than not, he is successful. The fact that the company is already involved in the creation of a new style of electric vehicle says everything. Even though Tesla, with the very impressive Elon Musk, has taken the industry by storm, there is certainly room for more innovative companies looking to the future.

Experts highlight three major factors going forward which are:

1) Low cost vehicles

2) Safety

3) High-energy density batteries

At the moment vehicle costs are still relatively high but on the way down, safety is certainly improving, and many believe that Dyson’s new battery technology is both safer and offers greater journey capacity than the majority available today. While critics will quite rightly point out the relatively high cost of electric vehicles, it is certainly on the way down and as popularity grows, mass production will further reduce this.

Even though Tesla Motors is leaps and bounds ahead of anybody else towards the innovative end of the electric car market, as shown by enormous preproduction sales of its Tesla Model 3, the company will not have the market to itself forever.

Watch this space

It is ironic that Dyson has many similar characteristics to Tesla Motors: with an ability to keep new projects under wraps, refuse to confirm or deny until the company is ready, and then come out in a blaze of glory. The very fact that Dyson is a British-based company, a dying breed in the technology sector, means that support will be available via the government and technology investors. Many forecast we will hear news of the company’s EV project sooner, rather than later, but until then speculation is rife.