Could Lighting Poles Offer the Key to EV Recharging Systems of the Future?

Could lighting poles offer the key to EV recharging systems of the future?
Could lighting poles offer the key to EV recharging systems of the future?

There is no doubt that the EV industry is here to stay, too much money has been invested and too many people have transferred over from old-style technology. However, while EV technology itself continues to develop, efficiencies are improved, and prices continue to fall, there have been ongoing concerns about recharging systems of the future. However, a company by the name of Ubitricity in Germany may well have come up with a solution which could be the answer to all our prayers!

Ubitricity has created a system of electric vehicle charging stations which are based on lighting poles which are present in every village, town and city in the world. So how does this system work and could it really be a game changer for the electric vehicle market?

Smart cables and meter readers

The company has partnered with German energy provider Grundgrun to fit an initial 100 city light poles with the new recharging system. The smart cable and Ubitricity meter simply slot into the light fitting, with the other end of the smart cable plugged into the electric vehicle in question. It is then simply a case of flicking the switch, using the power supply which goes to the lighting pole and hey presto, your electric vehicle will be recharged.

Quote from "Are we on the verge of significant savings for electric vehicles?"

Even though there will be an initial charge for the Ubitricity meter, when you bear in mind the availability of these potential new recharging stations and the relatively small cost to convert, this will be minimal in the scheme of things. In many ways this solution seems too simple, too straightforward, and perhaps more importantly, too cost-effective. However, sometimes it is the simple things in life which make such a difference!

Could this really kickstart the EV industry?

It would be wrong to suggest that the electric vehicle industry is not already up and running but there have been and continue to be concerns regarding future recharging stations. We have seen some companies come and go with government finance drying up although this new development instigated by Ubitricity is perfect and easily installed.

So we have government finance for electric vehicles, we have growing demand for EVs, the technology is developing rapidly and now we have the cherry on the cake, a potential recharging network which is already installed and just needs a very small tweak. In many ways this could be the factor that turns literally millions of petrol/diesel drivers towards electric vehicles in the short to medium term. This potential network, assuming it can be rolled out efficiently, will give current and future electric vehicle drivers the confidence to take on long journeys.


There are many different factors to take into consideration regarding the electric vehicle industry, such as technology, cost and government assistance, although in the minds of many people it is the availability of recharging stations which has been the greatest concern. It seems as though Ubitricity has come up with a mind blowing, yet simple solution to this historic problem and with the test network currently being built we await further information and feedback in due course. This could well be the start of something big!