Detroit Electric Set to Challenge Tesla Motors

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Help for First Responders to EV Crashes

For many years now there has only been one of electric sports car manufacturer in the shape of Tesla Motors which, despite the recent hiccup with the New York Times, seems to be going from strength to strength. However there seems to be a new kid on the block in the shape of Detroit Electric, which is a blast from the past and a company which has been "dormant" for over 70 years. So what does Detroit Electric have in store?

Sports car launch in 2013

Put the date of 20 April 2013 into your diary as this will be the launch day for Detroit Electric's new electric sports car. The company has been teasing the motoring press with various suggestions and if the company is able to live up to the majority of its promises we certainly seem to be in store for a nice surprise!

So far the company has promised a high-performance electric vehicle which will be built at the company's Michigan plant. There will be capacity for 2,500 sports cars per annum although it is the promise of "outstanding performance, bold styling and exhilarating handling characteristics" which have forced many in the motoring world to sit up and listen. When you bear in mind this is a company which has been non-existent for over 70 years, these are some rather bold promises and the Chinese launch is certainly awaited with anticipation.

Journey capacity

One of the major issues for the electric sports car industry has been the ability to balance style against journey capacity. Those who acquire these relatively expensive electric sports cars want to travel in style but they also want the added trust factor of extended journey capacity. The company has been unwilling to confirm the exact journey range which will be available from the new vehicle but has promised that this will be an "impressive range".

Quote from : "Will Detroit Electric finally give some competition to Tesla Motors? Or is the company setting itself up for a major fall?"

As we move towards the Shanghai Motor Show on 20 April it is likely that more snippets will be released by the company to ensure that the world's motoring press are there. So far there has been no comment from Tesla Motors, by far and away the leading electric sports car manufacturer of today, as the company continues to lick its wounds from its ongoing battle with the New York Times.

Sports cars are vital to the industry

Despite the fact that many people see electric sports cars as nothing but a rich person's toy, if we compare Formula One to developments in the traditional car market, we will see this is not the case. If you watch Formula One, the likelihood is that some of the new technologies and new bodywork parts you seen in front of you will become commonplace in the traditional/electric car market of the future. These are in fact excellent research arenas allowing companies and teams to try out new ideas and new methods to squeeze maximum capacity and efficiency from their vehicles.

It will be interesting to see whether the Detroit Electric sports car lives up to its high billing, whether indeed it is able to challenge Tesla Motors going forward and whether journalists from the motor industry will be impressed.