Detroit Electric SP:01 to take on Tesla Motors

Detroit Electric SP:01 to take on Tesla Motors
Detroit Electric SP:01 to take on Tesla Motors

In a move which will certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons in the electric car market, Detroit Electric has today launched a vehicle which it believes will compete directly with Tesla Motors. For many years, Tesla Motors has dominated the electric sports car market, although slowly but surely competition is emerging and it looks as though the Detroit Electric SP:01 will be a sight to behold!

Specifications of the Detroit Electric SP:01

Despite the fact there has been concern amongst the general public with regards to journey capacity and charging times, there will be no such difficulties with the Detroit Electric SP:01. The vehicle has a range approaching 190 miles per full charge and the charging time is just around 4.3 hours. However, this is before we get into the more eye-catching specifications of the Detroit Electric SP:01.

The vehicle will be priced at around $135,000, making it an obvious target for millionaires and serious car enthusiasts around the world, and the fact that only 999 will be manufactured will add to their scarcity value in the future. This is not only a very clever marketing ploy to grab the attention of the motoring media but it also ensures, in theory anyways, the vehicles should maintain their value going forward. So, how fast can the Detroit Electric SP:01 go?

The speed of the Detroit Electric SP:01

When we tell you that the vehicle can accelerate from a standing start to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph you might begin to understand the power behind this vehicle. These specifications will jettison the Detroit Electric SP:01 into the higher echelons of the electric sports car market and finally perhaps we now have a real competitor for Tesla Motors?

The car is breath taking in terms of speed, contains the latest electric car technology, is certainly something you would like to be seen in, and should very quickly become a status symbol. It is all good and well putting together the best vehicle and the fastest car but there also needs to be an eye-catching design to get the best out of the opportunity. Perhaps that is why Detroit Electric decided to take on Lotus Engineering as a joint partner in this new venture back in 2007.

Quote from : "With a top speed of 155 mph, acceleration from a standing start to 62 mph in just 3.7 seconds and a journey capacity of almost 190 miles, are we finally seeing the emergence of a competitor for Tesla Motors?"

There is no doubt that you can see the influence of Lotus, you could see the aerodynamics and you can see the breathtaking style. When you put together the award-winning technology, extended journey capacity, incredible acceleration from a standing start, and then confirm that just 999 will ever be manufactured, this is certainly going to put the electric sports car market in the headlights!


Detroit Electric may have only been revived a few years ago, after originally being created over 100 years ago, but there is no doubt that the company is intent on bringing the electric sports car market back to life. So far we have seen Tesla Motors effectively dominate this market, become the icon for electric sports cars and create a customer list which boasts a number of multi millionaires and multi billionaires around the world. So will the Detroit Electric SP:01 impact on Tesla Motors?

The reality is that the electric sports car market is more than big enough for two major players, in the shape of Detroit Electric and Tesla Motors, although we may see some friction and some tension between the two companies. Any publicity for the sector will help both companies, and indeed others trying to make their way in this difficult arena, although for now the Detroit Electric SP:01 has certainly grab centre stage.