Do Electric Vehicle Manufacturers Need to Offer an All-Round Service?

Do electric vehicle manufacturers need to offer an all-round service?
Do electric vehicle manufacturers need to offer an all-round service?

BMW's recent tie-up with a solar power company has highlighted the fact that perhaps the next strategy which electric vehicle manufacturers need to introduce is one of joint ventures and all-round service. There is no doubt that electric vehicle of today is technologically superior compared to its older cousin but at this moment in time perhaps electric vehicle enthusiasts of tomorrow need a push in the right direction?

While there have been some developments with regards to battery-powered technology these are perhaps coming to market slower than many people had hoped. It may therefore mean that electric vehicle manufacturers need to find a different short-term method to capture the attention of tomorrow's electric vehicle users.

Charging station joint ventures

One area which has been highly successful for many electric vehicle manufacturers is a variety of promotional deals with charging station networks around the world. If there is one thing which is on the minds of each and every EV enthusiast of tomorrow it is whether they can efficiently and reliably recharge their vehicles mid-journey. The more charging station networks which become more heavily entwined with electric vehicle manufacturers the less concern that motorists will have and the more likelihood they will purchase an electric vehicle in the future.

Quote from : "Tesla Motors, and its larger-than-life co-founder Elon Musk, have certainly been busy this week with a couple of very important announcements. As we covered recently, the company plans to have an affordable electric vehicle by 2017 but that is not all the company announced this week."

The truth is that nobody wants to buy new technology in its very infant development stage unless there is a support network which ensures that you will not be left high and dry.

Home charging stations

One other area which will become more and more prominent as electric vehicles develop is the area of home charging stations. They are already readily available across the world and indeed a number of electric supply companies and are looking to move into this particular market. It is the ability to literally recharge your vehicle overnight which is capturing the hearts and minds of many EV enthusiasts and which could turn out to be a significant tipping point in the future.

It will be interesting to see how the cost of electricity is impacted as more and more EV users of the future decide to recharge at home. Indeed there has been speculation of potential tax implications for those looking to recharge their vehicles at home but how could the authorities justifiably differentiate between home use and recharging your electric vehicle?

Confidence is the key

While there is no doubt we have seen some major improvements in electric vehicle technology in the short to medium term, there is also no doubt that confidence is key. The level of confidence in this new technology is not quite high enough for potential buyers to automatically assume they can drive anywhere in their homeland country knowing they will be able to recharge their vehicle en route.

What is interesting is the fact that there are literally hundreds of thousands of recharging stations around the world, with millions more expected in the short to medium term. There is no doubt that this fact alone will feed into the level of confidence in electric vehicles in the short, medium and longer term and for many EV manufacturers it cannot come soon enough.