Do We Need Better Style in the Electric Car Market?

Porsche Mission E Concept Car
Porsche Mission E Concept Car

We all know that the electric car market has made various attempts in years gone by to crack the mass market. The vast majority of these attempts failed miserably, although the movement to date has taken the industry beyond the point of no return. We have seen governments investing billions of dollars, corporations investing likewise, and the general public seems to finally be turning in favour of environmentally friendly travel. While electric vehicles are certainly here to stay, do we need more style as opposed to technology-based selling?

The Technology is Here

There have been massive improvements in electric vehicle technology in recent years: battery technology is now moving into a different realm and mass production cost savings are starting to come into play. The basic technology that we need to push the electric car market into bigger and better things is here, but do we now need to add style to the mix?

It may seem a little unfair to question the style of electric vehicles, although while progress has been made, more effort seems to go into the actual technology as opposed to the look/style and the driving experience.

Stylish electric cars

It would be wrong to suggest there are no stylish electric cars available today when you need only to look at Tesla, BMW and an array of other well-known car manufacturers. These particular models tend to be targeted towards the higher end of the cost spectrum for electric vehicles, leaving those cars at the mass market end perhaps looking a little older and dated?

We would never suggest that there has been no progress over the last decade, especially when you bear in mind that 10 years ago you could quite literally spot an electric car from a mile away, but can mass-market car manufacturers really honestly say that the vehicles they are producing are stylish and enough focus has been placed upon the driving experience itself?

Is the driving experience really important?

In the early days of the electric vehicle market the vast majority of those who acquired electric cars had very low expectations. They had seen the negative comments, they had seen the criticisms and while many were pleasantly surprised they were not really looking for a like-for-like switch from petrol/gasoline cars to electric vehicles with the same driving experience and style. However, the situation is certainly changing today!

The style of any vehicle, whether electric or traditional fossil fuel power, can be quite easily changed to suit a particular market. The driving experience is something a little more complicated and will require significant thought and investment on in car technology and services. This is by no means out of the reach of mass-market car manufacturers, from both a financial point of view and a timing point of view, so maybe the public needs to demand an improved driving experience as well as better styling?


Quite rightly, the electric car industry has placed significant emphasis upon the actual technology and the battery supply issues. To a great extent these issues have been resolved and maybe it is time to improve the styling of electric vehicles and the driving experience. There really is no excuse for the larger car companies not to improve these two elements, especially if they really want to succeed in cracking the mass market.