Electric Car Conversion


The subject of electric car conversion kits is one which is very popular across various electric car forums today. While the electric car itself has only really become mainstream over the last decade or so it has led to a significant increase in interest with regard to converting traditional fuel vehicles to electric power. On the surface this may seem something of a mission impossible for many people, but if you dig below the surface you will see that it is feasible for many vehicles and for many individuals, although there has to be a certain degree of mechanical know-how involved.

Electric car conversion forum

The Internet has also played a major role in the subject of electric car conversions, offering the ability to speak with like-minded people about matters which they may have already come across or they have specific advice upon. Whether you are looking to improve your journey capacity, increase your speed, or increase the overall efficiency of your electric conversion vehicle, there will likely be somebody who has tried the same and has feedback for you. This feedback can be priceless when you bear in mind the amount of time it can take to convert a vehicle from traditional fuel to electric fuel and you would be well advised to take advantage of those in the know.

You'll also see that many electric car conversion service companies are appearing on the Internet as well, offering the ability to literally drop your car off to be converted at a pre-agreed price. For those of us who have little or no knowledge from a mechanical point of view, and there are many of us, this can be worth its weight in gold and give us the opportunity to go "green".

Electric car conversion cost

The cost of converting any vehicle to electric will vary significantly from vehicle to vehicle and you would be well advised to obtain a quote from an electric car conversion company if you choose this route, or perhaps check the electric car forum for advice on DIY conversions. The more research you do at this early stage the less chance of unpleasant surprises in the longer term because very often once you start a project it can be difficult to turn back the clock without additional cost.

There are many electric car conversion kits available today which will take away some of the more delicate and more complicated actions required. This is all well and good but unless you are confident from a mechanical point of view the conversion to an electric car can be a challenge.

Going green

It seems to be the cost of electric cars themselves compared to the electric car conversion kits readily available today, which is seeing more and more people moving down the conversion route. The ability to "go green" is something which many people are more than happy to take up in order to do their bit for the environment. In the long run there are not only potential fuel savings and environmental savings but there may well be some additional benefits in relation to road tax and other statutory requirements. Each and every government around the world will at some point need to encourage the use of electric cars to a greater degree than we see today and the best way to do this is to put money in your pocket.


Even though we have seen many false dawns in relation to the electric vehicle market there is no doubt that the change from traditional powered vehicles to electric vehicles is most certainly underway. This has prompted growth in the electric car conversion market which is something that has attracted the attention of many people, although some of them may not have the necessary skills and experience from a mechanical standpoint to make it economic and to make it work. However, if you are adamant you wish to convert your vehicle to electric then there are number of companies out there who will do the conversion for you.

While the idea of converting your vehicle from traditional fuel to electric will not appeal to everybody, there is no doubt that those of a more mechanical nature see this as a challenge and a very useful option. As we move further down the line with regards to electric vehicles becoming the standard vehicles of the day, this is most certainly an area which will attract even more interest.