Electric Powered Cushion Car in Concept Evaluation


You can count on the Japanese to be well ahead of the game with regards to new technology and they have certainly not let the side down in the electric car market. Students from the Hiroshima University have put together a prototype "cushion electric car" which is very different and very eye-catching, although not necessarily something which will go into full production. So what does the iSAVE-SC1 have to offer?

Concept car or expensive toy?

In simple terms this is a soft air filled cushion car which is designed to protect pedestrians in the event of unforeseen accidents. The car itself is padded with this cushion like material around the outside to assist with minimising injury from front collisions and even side collision. There is no doubt that the idea of protecting pedestrians from what can be fatal car accidents has great merit, but we are not quite sure whether this is the correct end product!

Specifications of the iSAVE-SC1

As you might have guessed, there is very little in the way of specific information available regarding the  iSAVE-SC1  and suffice it to say it would cost you around $9,300 if you are determined to buy one, and it only has a top speed of 20 mph. You may take a step back and suggest that the money invested in this particular venture was money wasted but there is every chance that some of the concepts on show today will reappear in the future in a slightly different format.

There are already vehicles available today which have pedestrian airbags on the front to protect those involved in collisions. This is not a relatively new technology or idea but making the outer layer of your car of a cushion like material is groundbreaking.

Would you buy one?

The cars themselves are not readily available to the wider public although as we mentioned above they may be available on an ad hoc basis. Many experts are very wary of suggesting the vehicle will eventually be introduced to the wider market, but there is every chance that the technology involved will reappear in the future.

Light, efficient, and ultra safe neighbourhood electric vehicles are certainly in vogue at this moment in time and no matter how bizarre this particular vehicle looks it does offer an array of interesting ideas. Despite the fact that electric vehicles are on the whole slower than their traditional fuel counterparts, it is worth bearing in mind that many people have highlighted safety aspects such as the quiet nature of the electric vehicle which can often catch pedestrians by surprise.


This is just one of many concept cars which have caught the eye of electric car websites over the last few days. However this car is certainly something different, certainly makes you sit up and think and ultimately it could eventually have a massive impact upon pedestrian safety around the world.

It is highly unlikely that this particular vehicle will ever reach the wider market in its current form, although it could form the basis for a range of similar vehicles in the future. Technology moves so quickly and consumer trends move at lightning quick pace so it would be foolish to dismiss this particular venture out of hand.