First European EV Test Track Opens in UK

First European EV test track opens in UK
First European EV test track opens in UK

The UK government has been central to the ongoing growth in electric vehicle manufacturing across the UK, with particular emphasis on the north-east of England. As a consequence, it will come as no surprise to learn that the "Future Technology Centre" has been opened in the north-east of England offering electric vehicle manufacturers a technologically advanced test track with complimentary services.

While the track is not yet officially open it was made available to an array of electric vehicle manufacturers including: BMW, Renault, Nissan and Toyota. An array of electric cars and electric vans were tested on the track to see how they performed in different environments. This is the type of data which will be invaluable going forward and is likely to attract enormous interest from the worldwide electric vehicle sector.

Is there a need for a specific electric vehicle test track?

There are rumours, counter rumours and untruths associated with the electric vehicle market which have in some shape or form stunted sales growth over the years. Reliability, performance and journey capacity have been issues in the minds of many potential electric vehicle owners, often leading to indecision and a delay in purchase. This new track, run by Zero Carbon Futures, will allow electric vehicles to be tested, improved and the publication of vital data going forward.

Quote from : "Time and time again over the last few years we have seen so-called experts challenging the electric vehicle market, often suggesting that manufacturers have taken the technology as far as they can."

While this is not the first of its kind in the world, it is the first of its kind within Europe and will allow the European electric vehicle industry to fight its U.S. counterpart. There is a growing momentum behind the European EV industry, there has been significant investment but of late it is the U.S. electric vehicle manufacturing sector which has grabbed the headlines. The UK government has been very quick to recognise the importance of EV technology going forward, therefore the recent investment of hundreds of millions of pounds into this particular area was no surprise.

Are electric vehicles here to stay?

Slowly but surely, all of the pieces of the electric vehicle sector jigsaw are falling into place, creating a long-term viable business which should see significant sales growth in the future. There is no one element of the electric vehicle sector which you can put your finger on as being a turning point of late because it is more of a cumulative effect and growing momentum. As a consequence, more and more experts are now adamant that the electric vehicle sector is here to stay - despite a number of false dawns in the past.

It is also worth noting that not only have governments around the world invested hundreds of millions of pounds but private businesses have also followed suit. A breakthrough into the mass market is the Holy Grail for the electric vehicle sector. Even though it may take a while yet before electric vehicles are able to compete on a level playing field with their gasoline/diesel counterparts, progress is being made. When do you think electric vehicles will crack the mass market?