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Ford Focus ST

Ford Motor Company has recently opened its doors to take orders for its all-electric Ford Focus Electric. The electric car is priced at $39,995 inclusive of a $795 destination fee. The announcement is low-key compared to its competitors, namely the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf who were sold in a staggered rollout in 2010.

Taking into account federal incentives set at $7,500, the Ford Focus Electric still would come at about $3,900 pricier compared to the 2012 Nissan Leaf SV. The Volt on the other hand reduced its price from $41,000 to $39,995 last June.

The Ford Focus Electric is powered by a 92-kilowatt electric motor producing an equivalent 123 horsepower of torque. The engine gets its power from a 23-kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack that is liquid cooled, unlike its competitors who have it air-cooled. There is still no official estimation from Ford as to its range, saying that it is comparable to the competition. Ford says the top speed of the Focus Electric is at 84 miles per hour. The Focus would not be compatible with D.C. fast chargers but has an optional 240-volt charger in just three hours, according to the automaker.

Other inclusions in the Ford Focus Electric includes the MyFord Touch driver connect system specific for electric vehicles. This system provides information such as the state of charge of the battery, distance to charge points, range budget and expected range margin. There is also a feature allowing to determine the electrical demands of the vehicle, such as airconditioning, radio and other electrical appliances that can affect overall driving range. The system can be customized to suit the needs of the owner according to the daily, weekly or monthly driving needs.

The value charging system of the car is designed by Microsoft and there is a smart phone application called the MyFord Mobile allowing the owners to control and charge their vehicles remotely.  There is also a touch based Navigation system using the stock eight-inch touch screen. With the system, the driver adds on information such as destination and next charging station providing advice to optimize the available resources of the vehicle.

This vehicle is a five-door hatchback, similar to the Nissan Leaf design. The electric car revolution has clearly rolled out and is coming your way.