GM Makes Bold Claims about the Chevrolet Spark EV

GM makes bold claims about the Chevrolet Spark EV
GM makes bold claims about the Chevrolet Spark EV

General Motors has certainly caught the attention of the wider motoring public, with a claim that the Chevrolet Spark EV is the most efficient electric vehicle in the world. While this would certainly seem to be a very bold and ambitious claim, the company has also rolled out a number of statistics which it believes backup the company’s claim. It will be interesting to see how the Chevrolet Spark EV is received by the wider public when it is launched in 2014. When you bear in mind General Motors relatively controversial history in the electric vehicle market the company must feel it is on firm ground making these claims in relation to the Chevrolet Spark EV. So, how has the company attempted to back up these ambitious claims?

Motoring efficiency

One of the first statistics which were rolled out by General Motors relates to the mpg equivalent of the Chevrolet Spark EV compared with traditional fuel counterparts. Using official statistics and official testing regulations, it is claimed that the Spark EV has a 119 mpge rating. This puts the car in the higher echelons of the electric vehicle market but there is more to follow.

It is claimed that the vehicle has an 82 mile journey capacity per full charge which, while less than the Nissan Leaf 2013, is again certainly up there with the best. It is journey capacity which has caught the attention of traditional motorists who are concerned that they may be left high and dry with very few in the way of refuelling stations available at the moment. The 82 mile journey capacity is very useful, with the average motorist travelling no more than 80 miles per normal day, but perhaps the comfort zone is on the lowside compared to the average motoring day?

Quote from : "In a move which was long-awaited, General Motors/Chevrolet and an array of other motoring companies across the US have come together to promote the introduction of more charging points. This is timed perfectly to assist sales of the award-winning Chevrolet Spark and the Chevrolet Volt which are the company's latest venture into the electric vehicle market."

Charging and acceleration

One interesting factor which is becoming more and more of a selling point, is the ever reduced charging time associated with the more efficient electric vehicles of today. General Motors believes that the Spark EV is able to charge up to 80% of battery capacity within 20 minutes using a DC fast charging station. This compares very favourably to the vast majority of electric vehicles and even beats the Tesla Model S which will take 45 minutes for a comparative charge.

While initially many electric car companies concentrated on journey capacity and mpge, more and more are now looking towards the torque ratings of their vehicles. Torque is one of the main factors in standing start acceleration and with over 400 lb-ft this is a vehicle which compares favourably to, for example, the 2014 Corvette Stingray which has amazing standing start acceleration.


The Chevrolet Spark EV will be available across selected areas of America and Canada during 2014, with an estimated price tag in the region of $30,000. This price tag will fall to around $25,000 when all potential financial incentives are taken into consideration and would most certainly put it more in the reach of the traditional motorist. However, the car certainly has something to live up to!