Have Manufacturers Taken the EV Market as Far as They Can?

Have manufacturers taken the EV market as far as they can?
Have manufacturers taken the EV market as far as they can?

Time and time again over the last few years we have seen so-called experts challenging the electric vehicle market, often suggesting that manufacturers have taken the technology as far as they can. The reaction from the industry has been positive to say the least, with an array of new technologies, new strategies, and major investments announced to combat these negative comments. For those who believe that manufacturers have taken the EV market as far as they can, they may well be in for a major surprise!

This is an industry which has time and time again flattered to deceive, fallen by the wayside and often shot itself in the foot. This is an industry which has been dogged by rumour, mistruths and blatant lies from those who believe it will never survive. So,why is the electric vehicle market stronger today than it ever has been and why do some manufacturers believe the mass market is only a hop, skip and a jump away?

Improved recognition

While the electric vehicle industry, taking in aerodynamics, safety, battery technology and an array of other elements, has moved on dramatically over the last few years, much has been made of the lack of battery recharging capabilities to date. Despite the fact that the industry has invested billions of dollars, as have governments around the world, many so-called experts continue to focus upon an issue which is being resolved, i.e. refuelling.

Quote from ElectricForum.com : "In what could turn out to be one of the major battery technology events of the last 100 years, Stanford University has announced the creation of the first self-healing battery."

Once this issue is resolved to the specifications required for long-term growth in the industry we can then begin to refocus upon other major developments of late. While the likes of Tesla continue to grab the headlines there is a whole range of other electric vehicle companies, and traditional vehicle giants, looking to join the party.

Government financial assistance

Again, much is made of government financial assistance around the world in helping and encouraging people to consider electric vehicles. While there is no doubt that this has been a major element of the recent growth in sales, hand on heart, can you name any other industry of such size and such significance which has not received financial assistance in the short term?

Indeed, historically we have seen an array of traditional vehicles with "green energy" characteristics supported financially by governments around the world, but do the critics of electric vehicles highlight these?

Is there still bias against the electric car industry?

There is no doubt that some parties within the automobile industry will never accept electric vehicles as the transport mode of choice. There are many who have much to gain from a potential fall in electric vehicle sales and many people would love to say goodbye to the industry forever. However, despite an array of unhelpful press coverage and ongoing suggestions that the technology has reached its maximum efficiency, the sector still continues to grow.

Many experts believe we will see an array of new electric vehicle technologies released into the mass market in the short to medium term. There are rumours of major developments in battery technology which will assist the industry in the long term and allay perhaps one of the greatest fears amongst motorists, journey capacity. Time will tell……………….