How Would you Like Wireless Recharging Services As you Drive Along the Road?

How would you like wireless recharging services as you drive along the road?
How would you like wireless recharging services as you drive along the road?

Despite the fact that the electric vehicle industry has had numerous difficult obstacles to navigate, those involved in the sector always seem to find an answer to the problems. We have seen major developments in electric vehicle technology, battery capacity is now pushing ahead quicker than ever, and while electric vehicle charging points are becoming more commonplace, wireless recharging seems to be the next big push.

Wireless recharging of your electric vehicle is something which has been mentioned on numerous occasions in the past, although nothing has yet materialised. However the situation is about to change, with the South Korean authorities revealing a 15 mile stretch of road which is embedded with electric vehicle wireless charging technology which could pop the bubble of journey capacity concerns in an instant.

How does it work?

The technology itself consists of power cables which are buried 12 inches below the surface of the road, switching on and switching off depending upon whether sensors register electric vehicles driving over them. This ensures that not only is this system as efficient as you could ever get but it also reduces the amount of radiation that traditional drivers may be exposed to.

Quote from : "Bosch has released a new wireless charging system for EVs which is so far compatible with two vehicles - Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt - is this the way forward?"

When looking at the efficiency of this type of recharging system you will probably be surprised to learn that 85% of all energy targeted at the vehicle is actually captured by the battery pack. It is the shape of the electromagnetic field to ensures maximum efficiency and while this particular type of technology is still in its relative infancy it does work and it is viable going forward. It will be interesting to see reports from the South Korean venture and whether indeed this type of technology can be quickly rolled out in other areas of the world.

Is this the future?

There is no doubt that this technology is viable going forward and could have a monumental impact upon the trust factor associated with electric vehicles and their journey capacity. This has long been a bone of contention for motorists, concerned that a lack of electric car charging stations could see them break down partway through their journey. It will take some time to perfect the system, it will take even longer to "electrify" main major roads in countries around the world but this could be a major development for the electric vehicle industry going forward.

In many ways this type of system is an extension of the wireless charging stations which are available outside some retail outlets in the U.S. These are proving to be particularly attractive for EV drivers because the automatic charging mechanism also ensures the flow of electricity is switched off when the battery is near capacity.


We have heard talk of wireless charging systems across some of the motorways and highways around the world although the introduction of a 15 mile stretch of electrified road in South Korea is a major step forward. This technology is still in its relative infancy but we can only imagine the scope of use as and when it is perfected. In some ways the development of electric vehicle industry is going too well of late and many sceptics are waiting for a disaster to happen. While you cannot write off the chances of the industry shooting itself in the foot, as it has done in the past, the move towards the mass market seems far stronger today than it ever has been. Whatever happens, it will certainly be an interesting next decade for the electric vehicle industry and its ongoing assault on the mass market.