International Energy Agency targets 100 million electric cars by 2030

International Energy Agency targets 100 million electric cars by 2030
International Energy Agency targets 100 million electric cars by 2030

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is trying to put 100 million electric cars on the roads by 2030 in order to avoid potentially damaging global warming. When you bear in mind that just 1.26 million electric cars were sold worldwide in 2015 is this out of the question or a possibility?

Demand for electric vehicles increasing

It is very easy to underestimate demand for electric vehicles especially with there being only a few hundred on the roads back in 2008. However, the number sold in 2015 was more than three times the amount sold in 2013, which bodes well for the future. There are in excess of 1 billion vehicles on the road today and increasing the number of electric vehicles to around 10% will be challenging.

If the number of electric vehicles on the road was to triple every two years, then the target of 100 million vehicles by 2030 would be well within reach. However, while the number of electric vehicles available to general public will increase dramatically in the short, medium, and longer term, it is nigh on impossible to maintain the recent rate of sales growth.

Governments need to push

Each and every government around the world needs to make a significant push in the area of electric vehicle sales, including using electric vehicles as standard for various public services and also educating the wider public on the benefits of EV travel. While the likes of the US and Europe continue to figure prominently in the electric vehicle market it will likely be down to the Indian and Chinese governments to play their part in the longer term.

We all know about the enormous populations in India and China and the fact these governments are very influential in a whole host of different areas. Experts predict a significant increase in the number of traditional vehicle sales across India and China but if the authorities were to increase their push towards electric vehicles, what kind of impact would this have?

Momentum is growing

If you look back to 2008 and the fact there were just a few hundred electric cars on the roads, an increase in sales to 1.26 million in 2015 is very impressive. What is also encouraging is that many experts are disappointed at the 1.26 million sales number in 2015 - as are many manufacturers. The likes of Nissan have been waxing lyrical about their hopes for electric vehicles in the short, medium, and longer term, as have many others.

One element of the electric vehicle market which is often overlooked is the growing competition amongst manufacturers. Even though Tesla Motors has been grabbing the headlines of late they are now under pressure from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, General Motors, Nissan and many other well-known manufacturers. In the future we will look back at this period of growth in electric vehicle travel as perhaps the turning point the industry has been waiting for.

Tesla Motors may have broken new ground for the electric vehicle market but competition is heating up and they are not far behind!