Is Los Angeles the Most EV Friendly State?

Is Los Angeles the most EV friendly state?
Is Los Angeles the most EV friendly state?

While some states across the U.S. are looking to introduce an array of taxes to claw back their ongoing investment in electric vehicles, the same cannot be said of Los Angeles. Aside from the fact that the $7500 federal credit to those who acquire electric vehicles has been supplemented by a further $2500 state rebate, the authorities in Los Angeles are now targeting the charging network.

In a move which is certainly planting the seeds for future growth in electric vehicles, a trial EV charger rebate has been extended beyond the initial 500 target. So what is happening and how much money is available?

EV charging rebates

The authorities have introduced a number of different levels and different options with regard to electric vehicle charging rebates which take in:

  • Home charging

Owners of electric vehicle who decide to install a wall mounted EV charger will be eligible for a $750 rebate and those who also make use of off-peak charging will receive a further $250 credit towards their investment.

  • Workplace charging

While making an obvious play for the home owner market, the Los Angeles authorities are also looking to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points on commercial premises. As a consequence, businesses in Los Angeles who employ more than 250 people will receive a $750 rebate for a wall mounted charger which rises to $1000 for the more visible pedestal style charger.

  • Public charging

The Los Angeles authorities have also confirmed that electric car charging points installed on commercial premises, and made available to the wider public, will also receive rebates in line with the workplace charging rebates.

Is this money well spent?

At a time when the industry is going from strength to strength, it is interesting to see the Los Angeles authorities further incentivising electric vehicle users as opposed to introducing new taxes, which has happened in some states. It will be interesting to see how quickly the 2000 charging point target is reached and indeed whether the authorities will then extend the current rebate system.

Quote from : "The recent news flow from the EV industry suggests that more and more charging stations are appearing in the US and around the world. Have you seen any new charging stations in your area?"

There is no doubt that without a local recharging infrastructure the EV industry in Los Angeles would be dead and buried. The more that the general public see electric charging points during their everyday travels the more likely they will be to at least consider an electric vehicle. This investment today, which will eventually run into the millions of dollars, seems very sensible in the long run because there will be tax income and other benefits for the authorities further down the line.

Have we reached the point of no return?

At this moment in time everything is coming into play: electric vehicle technology is improving, battery technology has come on in leaps and bounds, and the recharging infrastructure which has been so widely criticised is certainly growing at a pace that many people had not expected. The likes of the Los Angeles authorities have certainly set out their own stall with regards to EV travel in the future and it is highly likely that other states will follow suit in due course.