Is the Fiat 500e the Most Efficient Electric Car in the World?


While the likes of Nissan Leaf continue to grab the headlines in the electric car market, there is no doubt that competitors are slowly catching up on the ever popular electric car. One car which is grabbing the headlines across the U.S. is the Fiat 500e, which has delivered some astounding figures with regards to mpg and journey range on a full battery charge.

Journey range of the Fiat 500e

Even though there has been great progress with regards to journey capacity for the electric vehicle of today, there is no doubt that the Nissan Leaf had until now offered the most efficient electric mode of transport. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has delivered something of a bombshell to the Japanese giant amid confirmation that the Fiat 500e is able to cover 87 miles on a full charge. Fiat believes that this is the best mileage in its class and is certainly something of a threat to the Nissan Leaf.

Mpg capacity

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to compare the efficiency of electric vehicles against each other is to use their mpge, which is the equivalent mpg in a traditional vehicle. Again, these figures have been confirmed by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Fiat 500e is able to deliver 108 mpge in conventional driving and up to 122 mpge in urban driving conditions. Even the worst case scenario is a full 2 mpge better than the Nissan Leaf.

There is no doubt that these figures and the confirmation from the Environmental Protection Agency give the Fiat 500e a seal of approval, but there is more!

Cost of running a Fiat 500e

Perhaps the most astounding figure is in relation to the annual cost of running a Fiat 500e on electricity. Assuming that the average driver does around 15,000 miles per year, it is estimated that annual electricity costs will be no more than $500 (£310), which is a phenomenal figure when compared to the average cost of petrol around the world. The ability to run his vehicle on less than £30 a month is something which few drivers could ever have dreamed of in the past.


There is no doubt that the Fiat 500e will become something of a hit in the U.S. when it goes on sale in spring. However, at this stage it seems as though Fiat is not looking to release this vehicle into the European market - although if the U.S. launch it is as successful as many believe it will be, then surely a European version will be delivered ASAP?

Taking into account the journey capacity, the mpge, as well as the annual cost of running a Fiat 500e there is no doubt that this is a vehicle which will certainly grab the attention of consumers when it is released.