Is there a New Electric Car Conspiracy Theory Emerging?

Is there a new electric car conspiracy theory emerging?
Is there a new electric car conspiracy theory emerging?

If you take a step back from the electric car industry and look at the statistics and the facts, you might start to scratch your head and wonder why the industry has not yet entered the mass market. There is now a suspicion that we are looking at a new electric car conspiracy theory, with governments around the world concerned about their reduced income from oil taxation as the gasoline and electric car industries crossover.

We will now take a look at some of the arguments in favour of a new electric car conspiracy theory and indeed whether they have any basis in fact.

The car technology is there

Initially, many people suggested that electric car technology itself, as opposed to battery technology, was not sufficient and not affordable enough for the mass market. When you look at companies such as Tesla Motors, it becomes fairly obvious that there is technology out there to push journey capacities far beyond the 100 mile level we see in the general market at the moment. Indeed, Tesla Motors is looking to license some of its groundbreaking technology which could assist the industry in the longer term.

We now have to ask ourselves, why is this taking so long?

Battery technology is out there

If you dig deep into the battery technology market, you will see there are an array of well-known companies out there who have a grasp of what is going on and the new technologies available today. We see companies such as IBM with their foot in the market amid suggestions they have created a lithium air battery, the likes of which we have never seen before. There have been indications that this type of battery could literally extend journey capacity by hundreds of miles and has proved to be successful in testing.

Quote from : "There is no doubt that the potential wipeout of significant income streams for the UK government, and other governments around the world, has been one major factor in the relatively slow development of the electric vehicle market. Until the authorities work out a way to replace these like-for-like tax income losses it is unlikely we will see an immediate uplift in the promotion or the uptake of electric vehicles."

Again, we have to ask ourselves why the government of the day is not bending over backwards to push this technology to the forefront?

Public funding for electric car companies

Yet another area of concern to many who believe there is a new electric car conspiracy is the fact that so much public funding is being made available to the industry. As we saw with Fisker, not all of this investment has been successful and indeed there are concerns about the level of due diligence carried out by, for example, the U.S. government. Many are suggesting that public funding for electric vehicles gives governments around the world cover under which to argue they are doing what they can, but in reality, are they?

Public funding for electric vehicles is not only minuscule compared to tax receipts from the oil companies but it is also minuscule compared to business and industry grants made to oil related industries such as automobiles. Yes, many governments around the world are still making multi-million dollar investments in the traditional automobile industry while also hand playing the electric car card.


If you take a look at the electric car industry in the cold light of day you will find it has been around for well over 100 years, the technology is moving on in leaps and bounds, journey capacities of more than 300 miles are already possible in theory - despite many people suggesting battery technology is behind the times. The fact is that governments will need to balance their budgets and their books before they make a major push in favour of the electric car industry - when this will happen remains to be seen.