Lack of Charging Stations Like Owning an Electric Car Without the Keys

Lack of charging stations like owning an electric car without the keys
Lack of charging stations like owning an electric car without the keys

Picture the scenario: governments have invested billions of dollars, corporate businesses have been encouraged to make the switch, so why is there such a lack of funding for charging stations? A lack of charging stations is like having an electric car without the keys, absolutely useless!

Are governments serious about electric cars?

Despite the fact that it is common knowledge that governments around the world have invested billions of dollars in the electric car market, why do so many of them appear reluctant to take that final step. The final step in this situation is further investment in the charging station networks which are required to add fuel to the EVs of today and tomorrow. While many experts would have you believe that funding is literally just around the corner, surely the investment of billions of dollars to date in the industry is negated by this lack of interest in charging networks?

Who is stalling?

Governments would have you believe that businesses are not willing or able to take the risk on car charging networks, corporate entities would deflect this back to the authorities and limited incentives while in between the consumer is stuck with a vehicle which offers the latest technology but reduced trust due to charging issues. We need to see governments and corporate entities come together, we need to see more pressure from the consumer, and ultimately we need to see a serious attempt at creating a worldwide electric car charging network.

Many people are reluctant to go out of their neighbourhood with their electric cars let alone travel from state to state or country to country. There are also issues regarding the protocol for charging networks which have yet to be addressed, although to be fair the industry is now hovering over a relatively small number of systems.

The electric car industry is here to stay

Time and time again in years gone by, we have seen the electric car industry making an attempt for the mass market. The industry itself has failed to “get over the line” on numerous occasions but it feels and looks very different today. The industry is here to stay. Consumers are finally accepting this new technology and the final piece of the jigsaw will come in the shape of an enlarged and reliable car charging network.

It is interesting to see that the oil companies have been less than forthcoming with their views in public, despite rumours that behind the scenes they are still lobbying governments around the world. Many people have also highlighted the fact that tobacco companies invested heavily in electronic cigarettes to protect their own markets but there is little or no sign of oil companies investing in electric cars. Does this mean they are out of their comfort zone, do they have investment plans for the future ,or are they happy to concentrate on other oil -related avenues?


As we highlighted above, ownership of an electric vehicle with no credible charging network is like having a car without a key. It is great to sit outside your house and very nice to look at but at this moment in time the vast majority of electric cars are seriously underused. Surely this must change very quickly?