Launch Date for BMW i3

2014 BMW i3 EV
2014 BMW i3 EV

BMW has today launched the BMW i3 electric car in a blaze of glory, rubber stamping the company’s membership of the electric vehicle market. The launch was played across three major cities around the world in the shape of London, New York and Beijing. So what can we expect from the BMW i3 and is it living up to the hype?

There have been many comments online after the launch was complete and on the whole the feedback at this point in time is very favourable indeed. So what are people saying about the BMW i3?


The design of this BMW electric car has received varied comments from those viewing the online presentation and those lucky enough to be at the actual events. On the whole the comments are very positive indeed and it seems as though this fresh design approach from BMW is going down very well. It is a very sleek, very compact, and a very eye-catching car, which manages to exude the high standards of comfort and luxury associated with BMW while at the same time appearing fresh and modern.

In reality the design of the BMW i3 was somewhat spoiled last week when a number of images were leaked to the Internet and very quickly went global. It is unclear whether this leak of images was intended but it certainly gave us an idea of what to expect.

Quote from : "The BMW i3 electric car will be showcased at the Frankfurt auto show in September with sales expected in 2014. In something of a rarity for the electric vehicle market, BMW is absolutely convinced this vehicle, and the forthcoming BMW i8, will be a game changer for the company and the industry."

BMW looks to the electric vehicle market

For some time now there has been concern about whether BMW was indeed serious about the electric vehicle market although even the merest of glimpses at the BMW i3 electric vehicle puts those fears to rest. The Chief Executive of the company was also very involved with the initial launch and spoke very highly of the company’s plans for its electric vehicle division.

While the BMW i3 is in theory competing with high-grade Tesla electric vehicles they are in fact very different models and very different markets. The BMW i3 is very compact, extremely easy to drive and when viewing footage of the car on the road it is very quiet indeed. We can now only wait to see what kind of sales figures the company is able to report when the vehicle eventually goes on sale - the initial feedback would suggest there is interest in the vehicle and demand will likely grow.

What next for BMW?

While BMW has made much of the fact that the BMW i3 is wholly electric, the next major launch will be the BMW i8 which is a hybrid car. This may surprise many people but the fact is that in many ways the company was hedging its bets after deciding to target the electric vehicle market some time ago. The impression the company is giving at the moment is that electric vehicles are very much part of its future and with an array of new deals and partnerships on the horizon the electric vehicle industry is certainly on the up.

Each electric vehicle launch is becoming more and more high profile and the use of the Internet by BMW has played, and will continue to play, a major role in promoting its range of environmentally friendly vehicles.