Launch of the Mahindra e2o

Launch of the Mahindra e2o
Launch of the Mahindra e2o

Today sees the launch of the Mahindra e2o, which the company believes to be the future of mobility driving. This is a pure electric vehicle which has a whole range of new services, technology, and ultimately it has zero emissions. So what exactly do you get with your Mahindra e2o?

Charging points

Charging points for the new electric vehicle are dotted all over India and take in the latest solar power charging technology. At this moment in time it would take five hours for a full charge, although just one hour for a 20 km range using a standard 220 volt 7 amp socket. The technology associated with this particular vehicle is set to improve in the months and years ahead and while is currently has a top speed of 81 km/h and a full charge journey range of 100 km in test conditions, this is only the starting point.

Interactive technology

Like so many of the new cars available today the Mahindra e2o offers a range of applications for Apple, Blackberry and android smartphones which effectively allow your car to talk to you wherever you may be. The car can advise you of any particular faults, you can control the cooling and other systems and ultimately you can have your car ready before you actually step inside!

Quote from : "While we have waited some time for the launch of the Mahindra e2o it has certainly been worth it!"

There is also a range of new technology associated with driving the car and when you bear in mind the potential traffic jams experienced on India's roads this is vital. Before we even look at the new technology which will enhance your driving experience, it is worth noting that the car has no gears, no clutch and a 3.9 m turning circle. When you also add in the fact that it has the "hill hold technology" which effectively holds your car stationary when in traffic jams on steep inclines, this is certainly an excellent safety aspect for the modern-day driver.

So, we have the ability for your car to be interactive, we have the ability for your car to hold you on steep inclines during traffic jams, but there is more!

Features of the Mahindra e2o

The Mahindra e2o offers an array of additional features which include: iPod connectivity, reverse camera, GPS navigation, integrated maps, bluetooth, electric wing mirrors, LED tail lamps, CD/DVD/USB/AUX/MicroSD, together with a 6.2 inch touchscreen information display. When you also take into account the driver information system and the fact this is a keyless entry and start/stop system, it really does begin to take shape.

The design of the car itself can accommodate four adults within a two door hatchback with a very compact style, great use of space and high efficiency. This is one of those vehicles which you look at and you find it difficult to understand how such efficiency and such usage can be gleaned from a car that has dimensions of just 3280 mm x 1514 mm x 1560 mm. It as a wheelbase of 1958 mm, ground clearance of 180 mm, a 3.9 m turning radius and weighs 830 kg.


We have waited some time for the Mahindra e2o to be launched but in all honesty it has certainly been worth the wait. The ability to bring so much to the table within a very compact and very stylish vehicle, with the latest connectivity, latest technology and interactive warning systems should not be underestimated. This is the type of vehicle which will likely be very popular for those who undertake relatively short journeys on a daily basis and if this is the welcoming shot from the Mahindra e2o we can only wait with anticipation for future developments!