Manipulating Statistics on Electric Vehicle Range

EV Market Growing
EV Market Growing

A recent article offered a damning headline, suggesting that electric vehicle range is impacted by up to 50% during the cold weather. This gives the impression of a 50% fall from normal range in the event of a bout of cold weather. The situation is a little different because this 50% reduction takes in extreme heat and extreme cold, thereby giving a worst-case scenario. However, this has not stopped the electric vehicle critics from using this as a means to attack the industry.

Does the temperature really matter?

The reality is that the temperature on a gasoline/diesel vehicle does make a difference to the range available but because the range is larger than the traditional electric car, it goes relatively unnoticed. If you have a vehicle which is able to travel 100 miles between charges, a 20% reduction from the normal range capacity does make much of a difference. However, again, the critics fail to mention that the majority of people travel less than 100 miles per day in their electric cars and therefore are unlikely to be impacted.

Planning ahead

The same survey which was manipulated to give perhaps misleading headlines also confirmed that electric vehicle users are very pragmatic in their planning for the day. They will know to the nearest mile how much capacity they have left, they will know where the nearest charging stations are and they are able to time their journeys to perfection.

If, as some would have you believe, electric vehicles are so unpopular and unreliable, why would the majority of owners never go back to traditional fuel, especially for short journeys?

Talking to the users

Politicians, traditional fuel powered car companies, and other critics of the electric vehicle industry like to use facts and statistics to back up their criticism. It is therefore surprising that the vast majority of them have no time to speak to electric car users who are very pleased with the performance of their vehicles. Survey after survey confirms that nearly all electric car users would recommend them to a friend or family member and many of them wish they had made the move earlier.

In light of recent feedback this is perhaps the reason why critics fail to speak to electric car users; because they know that their experience on the whole is very positive and they would have no issues in recommending these to friends, family, etc.

Improvements in technology

As technology continues to improve and journey capacity increases, the impact on range capacity between extreme heat and extreme cold will become on the whole, irrelevant. If the vehicle is able to do 200 miles between each charge, as the new Tesla vehicles can, then a 20% reduction is not necessarily a big issue.

Sometimes we forget how quickly electric vehicle technology has developed, improved, and how much investment has gone into this sector. The batteries, cars, and the range capacity we see today are very different to those of just a few years ago. Many critics have a biased angle against the electric car market and this will not change even as technology improves. Therefore, it is up to consumers to make their own decisions, to test drive electric vehicles for themselves and to see exactly what the technology has to offer.