New York Authorities Announce Plans for 360 Charging Stations

Second Annual National Plug In Day
Second Annual National Plug In Day

In a move which will certainly catch the attention of other states across America, New York authorities have today confirmed that a further 360 electric vehicle charging stations will be in place over the next two years. While the actual figure is relatively small, in the context of the car market, there is no doubt that it will give at least some momentum to the move towards electric vehicles.

The authorities are putting aside $3.6 million which will go towards the setup costs of 260 charging stations, with a further 100 to be installed by the New York Power Authority. So far there are 14 companies vying for funding and it is hoped that additional companies will come forward in due course.

Long-term plans

While the announcement of 360 electric car charging stations, many of which will be able to charge two vehicles at once, is certainly a move in the right direction, the New York authorities have major plans for the future. There is an ongoing project to create 3,000 public and workplace stations over the next five years, with plans for around 40,000 plug-in hybrid vehicles in the state of New York.

There are a number of states across America taking their eco-friendly obligations more seriously and New York and California are certain leading the way. This will certainly put more pressure upon other states across America and indeed President Obama may well be forced to rethink his policy towards electric vehicles and environmentally friendly travel.

Could this be replicated across the world?

Many of the governments across the world are now looking at introducing car charging points, both in public and private venues, with London also leading the way along with the likes of New York. It is taking time to create momentum and it is taking time to build public awareness, although slowly but surely the introduction of more car charging points will have a positive impact upon the industry going forward.

Quote from : "There is no doubt that interest in electric cars has increased over the last few years although many consumers are still concerned about the lack of charging points around the world. The European Union has issued a statement today suggesting that there could be 5,000 charging point in Denmark alone by the year 2020 which would be a major stepping stone."

It is not widely appreciated but electric cars, as a percentage of the overall population, are perhaps more popular in Scandinavia than any other area of the world. Perhaps we now need to look towards these countries and see exactly how they created the momentum and the public awareness for this new mode of transport?

The creation of a new industry

At a time of economic woe in America, and indeed across the world, the introduction of a new industry in the shape of the car charging sector will certainly go down very well. While obviously in its infancy at this moment in time it has the potential to be an enormous industry in the longer term, assuming that electric vehicles do finally crack the mass market.

Governments across the world will be well aware of this potential new tax revenue and as oil, which is a diminishing resource in itself, taxes start to fall, we will likely see more interest in electric vehicles. At the end of the day, money talks; whether this is in the shape of a new industry, new tax revenue for governments or indeed savings for consumers.