Nissan Allays Fears Over Infiniti Electric Car Delay

Nissan allays fears over Infiniti electric car delay
Nissan allays fears over Infiniti electric car delay

Parent company Nissan has today confirmed that the Infiniti electric car will be delayed slightly from the 2015 launched date. This is perhaps the first piece of negative news the industry has experienced over the last couple of months, although in reality the company has confirmed the launch date is still within its "medium-term range" and there are no reasons to be concerned.

As you might expect, sceptics of the electric vehicle industry have suggested that Nissan does not have its heart and soul in the electric vehicle industry. The company has been very quick to condemn this train of thought and in reality you only need to look at the Nissan Leaf to see how committed the company is to the industry going forward. However the company will need to deliver on its eventual Infiniti electric vehicle and perhaps give more details on a timescale as soon as possible.

Why the delay?

Interestingly, and something we would not necessarily have expected in the electric vehicle industry, Nissan has suggested the delay is because of new technology emerging which will be adapted for the Infiniti EV. While some sceptics will suggest this is an excuse for the unspecified delay in delivery of the Infiniti EV, it does perhaps show more confidence in the industry than we have seen for some time. Would we have seen a delay in years gone by to incorporate better technology?

Quote from : "As the Nissan Leaf phenomenon continues to grow around the world this thread is the place to discuss your experiences having received your own Nissan Leaf. Was it exactly what you expected? Are you happy with the vehicle? Have you had any running problems?"

Whether or not you believe the reason Nissan has given for the delay in delivery of the EV, the company will only get one more chance to deliver on time. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the company is a little sceptical about a new launch date, although it cannot be much later than 2015.

New technology

As we have covered in numerous articles over the last few weeks, there has been something of a deluge of new technology in the EV market. We have seen major developments in the electric vehicle technology, we have seen major development in the battery sector, and indeed there are plans for more and more electric car charging stations to be introduced in the short to medium term.

It will be interesting to see what specific new technologies Nissan hopes to introduce in the Infiniti EV and whether indeed the motoring public will see this as worth the wait. The company will certainly have a number of new technologies to choose from which could make the Infiniti something certainly worth waiting for.

Market confidence

While one slipup will be accepted by the motoring public and electric car enthusiasts, the company cannot afford any more. This is an industry which has worked hard to build up confidence over the last few months and indeed it is on something of a roll at the moment. However, much of this hard work it could easily be undone if a couple of high-profile EVs were delayed or even cancelled, even if this is par for the course with the automobile industry.

Sceptics and even enthusiasts will not be welcoming of any extended launch delays.