Nissan Land Glider Electric Car


The Nissan Land Glider electric car has been put forward as the personal commuting vehicle of the future and no matter how long you look at the picture, you will have no idea about the technology which is under the bonnet. It is compact, it is a two seater, and it is powered by lithium ion electric batteries but that is not the be all and end all for this vehicle.

Nissan Land Glider News

The news about this vehicle is the fact that it was put forward as a challenge to the Nissan design team to incorporate the best neighbourhood electric vehicles into a four-wheel electric car. It gives the image of a very basic and straightforward box which protects the passenger and driver from any harm. However, it is only when you try to corner at any significant speed that you will see the real benefits of the Nissan Land Glider EV.

The inboard computer system constantly monitors the speed and trajectory of the vehicle and when you turn a corner the inner module is able to tilt up to 17° for expert cornering experience. In effect, you will find it very difficult to tip this vehicle and you will experience cornering like never before. It actually handles like a motorbike, with steering by wire, and it also incorporates an array of sensors which will detect whether you are about to crash and take avoidance measures.

Nissan Land Glider journey capacity

The journey capacity of the Nissan Land Glider electric vehicle is around 100 miles, which, when you bear in mind the average motorist will travel less than 80 miles per day, is well within reach of your daily journey. Perhaps the greatest value of this particular model is the fact that it is built with neighbourhood driving in mind, relatively short journeys, and something which you can use in towns and in cities. It is also a zero emission car which should not be overlooked as this is one of the major factors taken into consideration by governments around the world when considering authorisation for use on the road.

At first glance the picture of this vehicle may give the impression of something which is rather cumbersome and rather basic. In reality this could not be further from the truth because the panoramic views from inside the vehicle improve safety and invisibility, the compact nature ensures highly efficient driving and Nissan has literally used every inch of the interior to perfection.

Is this the future of neighbourhood electric vehicles?

The initial concept of the Nissan Land Glider was something of a challenge for the Nissan design team to bring together the mobility and the control of a motorbike within a four wheeled electric vehicle that would be perfect for neighbourhood use. The design is revolutionary, the look is space age, but if you look at each individual aspect on its own merits it certainly has a lot to offer. Whether or not this particular style and type of vehicle is ahead of its time remains to be seen but perhaps we could be taking a glimpse at the small, highly efficient, safety conscious and perfect neighbourhood driving vehicle of the future?

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