Nissan Launches U.S. Battery Replacement Program

Nissan launches US battery replacement program
Nissan launches US battery replacement program

While the Nissan Leaf is perhaps the best known EV in the mass market today, there have still been issues with regards to the journey capacity and battery technology. Even though battery technology continues to catch up with EV technology there is something of a vacuum while this process is completed. As a consequence, with competitors such as Tesla, Nissan is now launching a new service to put EV driver’s minds at rest.

In simple terms, Nissan will offer Nissan Leaf drivers in the U.S. the opportunity to replace their battery for whatever reason as a part of the battery replacement program (cost $100 a month). When you bear in mind that the cost of the battery pack in an EV is the single most expensive piece of equipment this will certainly help.

Standard battery warranty

The current Nissan Leaf standard battery warranty covers 60,000 mile coverage against battery capacity loss and eight-year coverage against defects during the first 100,000 miles. The new battery replacement program will offer similar terms to the current warranty, in addition to at least 70% capacity per battery pack and the opportunity to replace the battery pack because of defects while in the battery replacement program.

This is certainly an interesting option for Nissan Leaf motorists in the U.S. and shows that EV companies are now starting to wake up to the major concerns amongst motorists. As the battery pack is at this moment in time the most expensive single component of an EV, the ability to replace this piece of kit at any time is obviously very helpful. In simple terms, you have your own insurance policy against reduced capacity and defects.

Will this put motorist’s minds at rest?

While there is no doubt that this is a step in the right direction there is still much work to be done to convince the wider motoring public of the benefits of EV travel. It would be wrong to suggest the electric vehicle market is struggling, as recent news flow has been very positive, but it will still take some time to propel the industry into the mass market.

Quote from : "As the Nissan Leaf phenomenon continues to grow around the world this thread is the place to discuss your experiences having received your own Nissan Leaf. Was it exactly what you expected? Are you happy with the vehicle? Have you had any running problems?"

Slowly but surely the trust factor and the reliability factor associated with the industry is improving. Slowly but surely we are seeing new technology, both actual and rumoured, circulating around the markets and catching headlines. In many ways it was the recent comments from Tesla CEO Elon Musk which lit the blue touch paper and seemed to ignite the industry back to life.

Keeping the momentum going

If we were to see a constant flow of positive news stories with regards to the EV market this would have a major impact in the short to medium term. There is evidence that many motorists are looking for excuses to buy EVs, but perhaps concerned about price and reliability. There is no doubt that with companies such as Tesla and Nissan offering additional facilities to ease the minds of motorists this is starting to have an impact.

We can only hope that the EV industry does not shoot itself in the foot yet again as it has done many times in the past.