Pay-As-You-Go EV Charging Stations Launched in UK

Pay-as-you-go EV charging stations launched in UK
Pay-as-you-go EV charging stations launched in UK

In what many may see as an irrelevant event in the UK electric vehicle market, we could look back on the launch of pay-as-you-go EV charging network AutoCharge: PAYG as a great step forward. The service has been released by Rolec and, having received clearance through the UK government, banking services, etc., it is now ready to be rolled out across the UK.

Initially you may think, what is so special about the AutoCharge: PAYG? How could this ever be a major event in the UK EV market? Well, let's take a closer look at what is on offer.

Chip and pin payment

Chip and pin, pay-as-you-go, electric vehicle charging is on the way in the shape of UK operation Rolec. The fact that it is a chip and pin service, pretty much the same as you would experience in your local shop or petrol station, makes it very simple and easy to use. However, many people might initially overlook the main benefit of this particular service which can be integrated into public or private charging stations.

All of the private sector electric vehicle charging networks available today require you to sign up to a particular membership service and pay a given charge per month. The beauty with the AutoCharge: PAYG is that it is not part of a network, there are no membership requirements, and it is quite literally a case of pay and go. The fact that it also takes into account the latest banking security means it is very safe and certain to be popular across an array of UK electric vehicle charging stations.

Contactless payment

While many people are still sceptical of contactless payment systems, such as those seen in many London shops, Rolec already has plans to introduce a contactless payment system to complement the forthcoming AutoCharge: PAYG service. Can you imagine the ease with which you would be able to charge your electric vehicle?

Quote from : "While the likes of IKEA already have a program in place to increase the number of EV charging stations on their US premises, would you recharge outside a Tesco supermarket in the UK?"

For many years now there have been great concerns about the introduction of electric vehicle charging stations across the UK and the fact that up until recently their roll-out was particularly slow. The fact that AutoCharge: PAYG has the relevant clearance in place to be rolled-out across the UK, together with the fact it is now eligible for government funding, should ensure a fairly swift and a fairly efficient roll-out of this impressive system.

Will this help the UK EV market?

There is no doubt that, slowly but surely, many of the negative elements which have for some time been associated with the electric vehicle market, such as a lack of charging stations, are being addressed. The less that motorists have to worry about on the periphery of the EV market, the more chance they will concentrate upon whether the purchase of an EV vehicle is right for them. It will be interesting to see how UK EV sales respond to the ongoing investment in not only the EV car industry but also the EV charging network sector and whether indeed companies involved see a relatively quick return on investment.