Review BMW i3 Coupe


While the BMW i3 Coupe is still very much in the concept stage of development, it is based upon the better-known BMW i3 vehicle which incorporates the latest electronic technology and a whole host of other additions and improvements. This particular model is very nimble on the roads because of its low centre of gravity, due in the main to the positioning of the lithium-ion storage cells, which are situated under the floor. As you will see from the picture, the look and the design of the BMW i3 Coupe also exudes space, comfort, and luxury travel.

Specifications of the BMW i3 Coupe

While the exact specifications of this particular model have yet to be confirmed, we know that it is driven by a 125 kW electric motor which transfers power to the rear wheels. The company has made full use of its own LifeDrive concept which is set to be a central part of the BMW i electric car range. This is something which the company has been working on for some time now and something which incorporates the latest technology, design, and futuristic look. The charge time for the lithium ion batteries is around six hours at 240 V, although it is possible to recharge up to 80% of the battery-powered under 30 min. This compares favourably to the vast majority of electric cars on the market today.

One interesting point relates to the ConnectedDrive Information Systems, which not only acts as your modern day satellite navigation system but also helps you find the nearest charging stations, monitor your journey capacity in great detail and will automatically adjust the cars internal settings for maximum efficiency. This, together with the fact that much of the dashboard is made from renewable wood, plant fibres, and naturally tanned leather, gives the BMW i3 Coupe "green" appeal.

Driving experience

The BMW i3 Coupe news flow is set to build in the weeks and months ahead as production date gets ever closer. However, during the presentation at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show it seemed obvious to everybody that the driving experience of this particular electric car would be something to savour. The company has managed to incorporate the traditional values of the BMW range and it's reputation for luxury driving with the design and look of a futuristic zero emission vehicle.

The car itself is made from a high-tech material known as carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) which is lightweight but also extremely strong. This allows the design of the car to be tweaked to give as much space as possible, to be as transparent as possiblem yet to also ensure that safety of passengers and the driver is paramount. The drive module which contains the drive system, chassis and energy storage unit together with structural and crash functions is made from aluminium and is the heaviest element of the vehicle.

Image of the BMW i3 Coupe

Images of the BMW i3 Coupe are now circulating around the Internet and initial impressions, from those who were at the Los Angeles show and who have seen the Internet images, has been very positive. The design of the vehicle itself is slightly different to the BMW i3 with a broader feel in the new BMW i3 Coupe while looking a little more compact on the height side. This structural design of the vehicle is central to its impressive handling because the low centre of gravity ensures that maximum control is with the driver at all times.


The BMW i electric car range has been talked about for some time and the BMW i3 Coupe is a useful addition to the basic BMW i3 range. It is quickly approaching production standard and experts believe that 2013 could be a historic year for the company. The driving experience, the safety aspects and the latest technology, including dashboard printouts on your smart phone, all fit perfectly with the BMW brand and reputation. We are sure that the BMW i3 forum will be one of the busier elements of our website in the future.