Review Ford Focus Electric Car

Ford Focus ST
Ford Focus ST

There are few vehicles which have been as eagerly awaited as the Ford Focus electric car which was launched in 2011, and bearing in mind it is based upon the ever popular Ford Focus, in principal, it has every chance of cracking the mass market. Ford recently announced a whole range of new electric vehicles as the company looks to overhaul its ageing range and place the company in a position to take advantage of changes in the future. We will now take a look at the initial feedback with Ford Focus electric car news readily available across the Internet with a number of interesting comments.

Specifications of the Ford Focus electric car

The vehicle itself will initially be assembled in Michigan for the U.S. market, although as and when it is rolled out across the globe they will be assembled in local factories. As you would expect from a leading electric car the battery is lithium ion, which has very quickly become the battery-power of choice amongst leading electric car manufacturers. When you combine the battery with the highly efficient and high-tech engine it gives a top speed of 84 mph with a zero emission ranking from the U.S. authorities.

The charging time for the electric battery pack is anything from four hours with a 240 V supply up to 20 hours with a 120 V supply although Ford has advised that these indicative times may vary. While the 20 hour full charge on 120 V is slightly disappointing, it is perhaps made up in part by the relatively quick recharge on a 240 V supply. This is probably something which will improve in due course as not only battery-power but also recharging technology develops.

Dimensions of the Ford Focus electric car

The vehicle itself is around 173 inches in length, 72 inches in width, with a height of just over 58 inches. It takes in a wheelbase of just over 104 inches and compares very well to the ever popular traditional Ford Focus. Like so many electric car manufacturers Ford has been forced to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle while looking to maintain the spacious interior and generous dimensions.

Feedback on the Ford Focus EV

There is no doubt that initial feedback on the Ford Focus electric vehicle has been very positive indeed and it does compare favourably to an array of its peers which have already been launched. The technology will deliver significant efficiency savings, the regenerative braking system will assist with journey capacity, and the company has also incorporated its very useful internal reporting system – which is being discussed in various Ford Focus electric car forums on the internet.

The car is fitted with the MyFord Touch driver connect system which gives you very intricate control over the vehicle via your smart phone. While the vehicle is recharging you still have full control over the cooling system which can be very important and very useful on hot days. The space age looking display system will also give you the efficiency ratings and statistics from your latest journey showing equivalent mpg as well as additional capacity delivered by the regenerative braking system. The car also takes into account the latest satellite navigation technology, which is again something that will prove very useful across an array of different scenarios.


The very fact that the Ford Focus electric vehicle is based upon a very popular design has obviously given Ford something of an advantage over its competitors. That said, comparing an electric vehicle against a renowned and very popular traditional fuel vehicle does offer a number of challenges and there was the potential for Ford to come unstuck. However, it does look as though the company has stumbled upon to a real winner in the electric car market due to an array of additional features which are not as commonplace as you might expect.

Aside from the very detailed and very interesting report available after each and every journey the company has also incorporated a new heating regulation system to get the best out of the lithium ion battery. The batteries are cooled on hot days and heated up on cold days so that they are at maximum efficiency as much as possible. Upon reading the reviews you may well be concerned about the relatively short journey capacity but research has shown that around 80% of the world's driving community will be able to fulfil their daily driving requirements on a full charge.

As the vehicle is rolled out across the world experts believe it will become one of the more popular electric vehicles of the day and compares favourably to the traditional fuel Ford Focus equivalent.