Review Nissan Hypermini Electric Car


If there is one thing that Japanese car manufacturers are excellent at achieving, it is maximum internal capacity for minimal external dimensions. In other words, as you will see with the Nissan Hypermini electric car, the vehicle seems to have more internal capacity than you could ever hope for when looking at the external dimensions. This is obviously a major benefit in the electric car market, where efficiencies, relatively light vehicles, and compact technology will be the vital going forward. While the Nissan Hypermini electric car was launched back in 2001 in Japan, it is still something which is talked about by various members of the who have a serious interest in electric vehicles and hybrid opportunities.

Specifications of the Nissan Hypermini electric car

If we take a look at the basic specifications of the Nissan Hypermini, we will see that it is a pure electric vehicle with the engine positioned at the front of the structure offering a rear drive facility. Transmission is automatic and while the driving experience has been criticised by some reviews on the Internet it is worth noting that this vehicle was launched at a relatively early stage of electric vehicle development.

The car is 2670 mm in length, 1480 mm in width, 1560 mm in height, with a wheelbase that measures 1900 mm. The driving specifications of this particular vehicle, when you bear in mind it was launched back in 2001, were comparable with popular models of the time and include a journey capacity of 70 miles on a full charge and a maximum speed of 60 mph. It is also worth take into account the relatively silent journey, zero emissions, and modest running costs, which are obviously the mainstays of the electric vehicle market.

There is some concern about the interior of the vehicle which is deemed "basic" by some reviewers and indeed there has been criticism of the relatively rigid suspension which does not enhance driving experience. The other elements of the vehicle which have attracted criticism include the basic seating which does not enhance comfort, relatively cold electric steering which does not offer too much "feel", and for many people the overall look and image of the vehicle.

Nissan Hypermini electric car news

The opinions expressed at the initial Japanese launch of the Nissan Hypermini electric car back in 2001 are perhaps more relevant today than they were even then. The vehicle is not necessarily "easy on the eye", does not compete with the latest technology available today but if we take a step back and look at what the Nissan Hypermini electric car brought to the table back in 2001 perhaps we are missing the point?

While it was a relatively early stage of the electric vehicle market it was most certainly an interesting dip in the ocean of the emerging electric vehicle market for Nissan. In many ways it was an experiment by the Japanese automobile giant and is probably something which assisted with the groundbreaking technology available today and the company's prominence in the electric vehicle market. Japan has a history of introducing an array of relatively novel vehicles and while the success of the Nissan Hypermini electric car may not go down in the histories of the EV market, it certainly made a splash at the time.


The reviews of the Nissan Hypermini electric car which you will read across the Internet today are from an era when the electric vehicle was never talked about, was still stigmatised by historic failure and was significantly lacking in investment. The introduction of the Nissan Hypermini electric car certainly caught the attention of many people, the target market was inner-city travel, and with a range of up to 70 miles per charge this does not actually compare to badly against the modern day NEV. Perhaps we're not giving this vehicle the recognition it maybe deserves?

It is interesting to see that Nissan has gone on to make a significant impact in the electric vehicle market, with the likes of the Nissan Leaf EV very prominent today. Whether or not the Nissan Hypermini electric car was perhaps a catalyst for the vehicles available today is a matter for debate but progress was made back in 2001 and Nissan has most certainly benefited along the way.