Review Nissan Townpod Electric Car


While there is little in the way of detail available about the technical specifications of the Nissan Townpod concept electric vehicle, there is plenty of data about the design and the feel of the car. It is basically marketed by Nissan as a multipurpose and multifaceted electric vehicle, which you can adjust and tweak to your own specific design requirements and journey specifications. Initially, it is targeted towards the entrepreneurial side of the electric car market, although due to the various adjustments which can be made to the vehicle it is also likely to be as popular with family car circles.

Key points of the Nissan Townpod electric car

Here are some of the main highlights as reported by members of the :-

It is basically a passenger car with light commercial vehicle capacityThe rear doors are hinged so they can be pulled out and opened sidewaysThe touch screen display can communicate directly with your PDA unitThis is a zero emission vehicleThere are various add-ons which can dramatically change the look and feel of the car

Exterior of the Nissan Townpod

As you will see from the picture of the vehicle, it offers a futuristic feel, not only with the hinged sliding rear doors, but the design of the car itself. To say this is aerodynamic is something of an understatement because even the position of the rear lights and the headlights has been changed for aerodynamic purposes. There is also a charging point for the electric battery set which is housed at the nose of the vehicle discreetly hidden by a retractable cover.

One thing you will notice almost immediately is the blue tint to the headlights and the rear lights and the fact that even when these are not in use the covers are intensely reflective and therefore you would be noticeable from a significant distance away. While the exterior design of the vehicle gives a very compact and very neat impression, there is incredible capacity within the interior and as we suggested above, it does offer commercial van like opportunities.

Interior of the Nissan Townpod

Like so many of the modern-day electric cars the interior initially seems to be relatively uncluttered and relatively straightforward, if not basic, but on closer inspection there is a mass of information available. The central panel is split into two distinct display areas, one of which houses the on-board satellite navigation system, journey status, car battery status, and a whole host of other Bluetooth technologies. Indeed this vehicle is also able to communicate directly with your PDA, and not only plan your current journey, but also plan the journey after that and after that to accommodate your various meetings. Nissan is even looking at introducing a system which will effectively warn you of any potential traffic delays and how they may impact upon your meetings for the day - whether indeed you might need to reorganise them.

The gearstick is a relatively straightforward joystick, it has a futuristic steering wheel and a dashboard that has little in the way of mechanical buttons. It is also worth noting that integrated within the satellite navigation system is the ability to warn you when your battery needs charged, monitor the nearest charging stations, and indeed take you there. The computer will be able to calculate how much charge is left in your battery and whether you need to make use of the next battery charging point or you are able to travel for longer.

As far as in car entertainment goes the look and feel of the music industry will be very different in the future and therefore this vehicle is able to ascertain your personal music preferences from your iPod, or other device. There is an array of connectors, mainly via Bluetooth, to accommodate entertainment systems of the future and ensure that your drive is as simple and as enjoyable as possible.


Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of specific technical information available about the Nissan Townpod although the wider overview makes the vehicle look very impressive indeed. It seems to be targeted towards those of an entrepreneurial mind although due to the various changes and tweaks which can be made to the car it is also at home in a family car situation or even a commercial vehicle type scenario.

This is the new breed of "off-the-shelf" vehicles which can be tweaked and restructured in a variety of different ways for different scenarios and different driving requirements. It will be interesting to see whether Nissan actually pushes ahead with the launch of this vehicle because on the surface it seems to be one of the most technologically advanced and flexible electric cars in the press today.