Review Tesla Model S Electric Car


The Tesla S Model electric car is yet another from the much-publicised and much acclaimed Tesla electric car portfolio. This is a vehicle which has been priced at around half the price of the Tesla Roadster, although it offers an array of interesting options, efficiencies, and the look and feel of a modern-day sports car. We will now take a look at the specifications of the Tesla S model electric car as well as highlighting some of the feedback which has been released across the Internet.

Specifications of the Tesla S model

The look and feel of the Tesla Model S electric vehicle is like a limited production sports car with a very sleek body and aerodynamic design - although due to the make-up of the electric power system there is more than enough storage space. Indeed, for many people it is storage space which is one of the main advantages of the modern-day electric vehicle as they can very often do away with many components of the traditional fuel vehicle.

The car itself is around 196 inches in length, has a wheelbase of 116.5 inches, and a height of 56.5 inches. The width, including folded mirrors, is just over 77 inches with ground clearance of 6 inches, which is obviously good to know when you bear in mind the ever-growing number of speed bumps around the world. The car's body is made from a lightweight aluminium component which is further strengthened by boron steel elements and the windshield consists of UV and infrared safety glass for utmost protection.

The vehicle is a rear wheel drive, with liquid cooled powertrain hooked up to a 60 kW microprocessor which is powered by a lithium ion battery. However, unlike some of the modern-day electric cars this one actually has its own charger on board which can deliver a full charge in around 45 minutes minimum. If you're looking towards the latest technology it has a 17 inch touchscreen media control system, Bluetooth wireless technology for calls and music, multifunctional steering wheel, and tyre pressure monitoring system. The vehicle is keyless entry, has a driver seat detection sensor, cruise control, telescopic steering column as well as an inbuilt navigation system.

Tesla model S News

You will see an array of the images of the Tesla model S across the Internet and many reviews on this very eye-catching vehicle. As we touched on above, it is one of the few electric cars which actually has its own on-board recharger which can use 120 V, 240 V or 480 V systems. The 480 V option will fully recharge the batteries within 45 minutes and indeed the time taken on journeys is comparable to gasoline cars when taken into account fuel stops.

There is also an interesting opportunity to swap battery packs as this is fairly easy to do and fairly quick, thereby adding more efficiencies to your journey time and the overall performance of the vehicle. There is one thing which shines through with the Tesla model S and it is the fact that there is no compromise on room, no compromise on style and no compromise on luxury. It is one of the very few electric powered SUVs available today and is something which Tesla Motors will be pushing very hard in the weeks, months and years ahead.

The company is taking full advantage of various funding opportunities offered by the U.S. federal government and the very fact that the Tesla model S is around half the price of a Tesla Roadster is attracting many people. The journey capacity is greatly extended by the various recharging opportunities in relation to the lithium ion batteries and the fact that the vehicle is able to do 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds has caught the attention of the masses.


As you will see from the Tesla model S Forum this is causing something of a stir amongst electric car enthusiasts, not only with regards to the power but also the exceptional value for money. The company has managed to maintain luxury, style, and offer the most efficient and technologically advanced driving experience in the electric car market. In some ways it is difficult to know how to criticise and where to criticise Tesla electric vehicles because they are so groundbreaking and so unique.

There is no doubt that we will see more vehicles released by the Tesla Motor Company in the months and years ahead as this is a company which continues to go from strength to strength and perhaps the strongest element of the company’s business model is its understanding of the public and the wider market. As long as the company continues to give the general public what they need, incorporates the latest technology, and allows them to enjoy the "green tag" associated with electric vehicles, there is no reason why it will not continue to go from strength to strength.