Sceptical of electric cars? Have you ever driven one?

Are all electric vehicle drivers thinking of the environment?
Are all electric vehicle drivers thinking of the environment?

Survey after survey confirms that while a significant number of motorists are still sceptical of electric cars, many of them have never even driven one. Despite the fact that electric car companies up and down the UK, and around the world have an array of offers to test drive electric vehicles, why don’t more people take them up on this?

What is the real concern of those looking at electric cars but are too sceptical to take the plunge?

The unknown

Even though electric cars have been around for many years now, it is only over the last few years that they have hit the big time. Tesla Motors has finally released its promised mass-market affordable car in the shape of the Tesla Model 3 with the first car to be delivered in 2017. While there is no doubt that Tesla Motors has given the industry an enormous push over the last few years, what more can be done?

In many ways traditional motorists need to be “educated” on the benefits of electric cars and exactly how they work. We need to see information which compares and contrasts electric cars with their fossil fuel counterparts - taking in everything from fuel costs, to running costs.

Journey anxiety

Did you know that journey anxiety is only an issue with those who have never driven an electric car? Those who have decided to take the plunge have been waxing lyrical about the ever-growing number of charging stations and the ability to charge from home. A number of governments around the world are also incentivizing businesses to introduce electric car charging points with an array of tax breaks now available.

So why is it only those who have never driven an electric car who have any form of journey anxiety?

The average electric car is now doing well over 100 miles before recharging and more are being made now breaking the 200 mile barrier. When you bear in mind that the average motorist will travel less than 80 miles in any one day, you do begin to wonder why there is so much range anxiety?

Is the car industry really supporting electric vehicles?

You have to question whether the general car industry is actually behind electric vehicles because the benefits are in many cases overshadowed by perceived issues - such as journey anxiety - which, in reality, is an irrelevance. We only need to look at Tesla in the U.S. and it's quest to sell directly to consumers to see what stands in the way of the industry going forward. Governments are often seen only paying lip service to the industry (although to be fair billions of dollars have been invested) but more has to be done.

If these vehicles are as good as the manufacturers promise, and consumers have confirmed, then why are public sector workers around the world not making more use of electric vehicles. If we were to see local authorities using electric vehicles on a regular basis then many people would be more familiar with this form of travel and its benefits. It also makes perfect sense when you think about how much the governments around the world have invested in the industry, but for some reason they seem reluctant to really push electric cars?

It will be interesting to see how the industry develops because it has most certainly gone past the point of no return. Technology is improving at a lightning quick pace, prices are coming down, and journey capacity is forever being extended. What's next for the electric car industry?